A Dance with Rogues

Rizzen is a member of the noble House Do'Vrinn and son of Matron Do'Vrinn. He is a rogue and an assassin, living in Maeralssin in the Underdark. The Princess first encounters him in the Maeralssin Market interested in purchasing slaves. Rizzen has two sisters, Talice and Akordia, both of whom (due to being female) hold higher rank in his House and the drow society in general. House Do'Vrinn and House Noqut'tar are bitter rivals.

Henchman Data[]

  • Ability Scores: STR: 12, DEX: 19, CON: 14, INT: 14, WIS: 12, CHA: 14
    • Rizzen increases his Dexterity score during leveling.
  • Class: Rizzen has fighter and rogue levels and can be leveled up as both.
  • Feats: Rizzen has Weapon Finesse and Weapon Focus and Improved Critical feats for rapier. He has Two Weapon Fighting but no Ambidexterity, and he doesn't gain it during his level progression.
  • Equipment: Rizzen's Leather Armor (Enhancement+5 ,Hide +10 MS: +10, Immunity: Fear), Rizzen's Rapier (Enhancement+5), Rizzen's Crossbow (Enhancement+5, Unlimited Ammo). He also has a magic bag in which he carries a severed head of a dead drow, which can become useful during the Princess's dealings with Sioril in Moonville.


  • Some report that Rizzen cannot be resurrected nor by the Rod of Resurrection nor by any other device or a spell, while other seem not to suffer from such occurrence. Restore saved game or see Troubleshooting if everything else fails.

Plot Significance[]

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Spoilers follow.

The Past[]

Rizzen has never left the Underdark, but had plenty of experience with surfacers, especially female slaves. He was raised in accordance with drow's tradition and became the weapon master of House Do'Vrinn, which gave him some room for maneuver, when dealing with his sisters.

Some years before the event of part 2, Rizzen was made a consort of Ulviirerd Rilynett for some time. After that he came to utterly despite Ulviirerd with the mere mention of her name angers him (though Rizzen will refuse to explain why if asked directly).

Part One[]

Rizzen doesn't appear in Part One.

Part Two[]

While the Princess is kept as a slave in the Maeralssin Market, it is Rizzen who purchases her. Later, after escaping Maeralssin and becoming a fugitive, he becomes one of her companions, although he still regards her as his slave. Following their escape from Maeralssin, Rizzen presents the Princess with an amulet.

Because Rizzen considers himself the slavemaster, he often projects a domineering presence over the Princess. He is smart, cunning and aware of the dangers in the Underdark. However, upon reaching the Surface, Rizzen relies more heavily on the Princess and acquires a sense of respect for her. In particular, the Princess's decision not to carry through with Sioril's request to kill him during Moonvile adventures dismays him, but also makes him see the Princess in new light and follow her leadership.

If Bran is in your party, Rizzen will take a liking to him since Bran killed Ulviirerd and the two will become friends (or as Rizzen insists: allies). If Pia is in your party and both are not romanced, Rizzen will eventually develop a crush on the bard (even though he shows it in a very, very peculiar way).


Being a drow, Rizzen is familiar with all kind of backstabbing, underlying scheme and he himself is willing to resort to less than savory measures to achieve his goal (cheating in a duel by giving his House champion - you - a magically enchanted armor, for example). As with any dark elf, Rizzen thinks of himself highly and looks down on other races - including you and your human party. Interestingly enough, he tends to call his companion only by nickname like "bull" or "bard" instead of their name.

Growing up in a society full of treachery makes Rizzen quick to distrust others and prone to expects events to turn out the worst way possible - a fact the princess can called him out on. He also find concepts such as compassion, friendship and love hard to understand. Several times he will ask the Princess to explain her "irrational" actions like helping her friends or sparing his life. To him, every offer have a price to it and relationship is just another tool to benefit oneself.

Yet, Rizzen is capable of being compassionate and merciful, as seen when he takes care of the Princess after her torture and later protect her during their escape. If the Princess decides to pursuit a relationship with Rizzen, he is shown to be a sweet and loving partner during moments of intimacy.

The Romance[]

  • Regardless of whether the Princess is already in a relationship or not, she can flirt with Rizzen as much as she likes during their escape in the Underdark. Rizzen will respond with indifference, however, as he is wary of hidden intentions behind any advances. He is one of the rare male characters in the game who is not obsessed with the Princess's physical, er, assest.
  • If the Princess is not in an active romance with anyone else, she will stumble when the party gets near the forest south of Moonville on its way to the Cult Site. Rizzen will catch her. If she responds positively toward him, a while later through dialog options Rizzen will offer to make the Princess his paramour (which to Rizzen is the closet equivalent to a confession), hence forming an "alliance" between the two. This also entails sharing "physical pleasure" together (not as often as the princess would probably wish, though)


  • "I know everything that you have told Akordia. It doesn't change anything. You're my property. You'll do as I say, always and without hesitating, and be a nice little slave girl. In exchange I will take care of you and see that you remain unharmed. If you misbehave I will punish you accordingly. Once we reach the surface, I may depend on you like you depend on me in the Underdark. That will change nothing. You will accept me as your master. Is that clear?"
  • "I will take care of you. I won't sell you, nor will I give you to others for their pleasure. But you are mine. I bought you at the slave market. I saved you from the sadistic ways of my sister. I kept the house guards off you. I arranged it so you survived the pit fight. Now I even betray my House. You are but a surfacer, a human, whereas I hail from Maeralssin's strongest house, my Mother the First Matron!"
  • "I'll take care of you [Princess]. I won't make you feel filthy"
  • "In the Underdark, I've seen more slaves than you can image. Human ones, elven ones, dwarven ones, pretty ones, not so pretty ones. I've seen how they were forced to pleasure their Mistresses and Masters. I've seen how some willingly did what was asked of them and how some chose to die instead. I've seen slaves accepting their fate. But the results never seemed satisfying, at least to me. I told you I care for you. I do not wish to see you used in such a way"