A Dance with Rogues

Rugnar Hakenel runs a shop in a small area of the Underdark Tunnels he calls "Rugnar's Realm". There are a number of items for sale, including weapons, armor, assorted magical items, and even some thieves' tools. Some items are unique pieces of Drow equipment that aren't destroyed by sunlight. He is also able to improve weapons and armor. It is the only shop the Princess will find in Underdark. A Huge Iron Golem protects Rugnar and his shop. A successful pickpocket attempt may result in the princess receiving a +3 version of the Poisonous Short Sword (Kobold King).

Rugnar has lived in Underdark for quite a while. He is familiar with its ever changing state, as well as some of its inhabitants like the Drow, Mindflayers, and Kobolds. Although Rugnar doesn't travel much anymore, he knows the locations of nearby settlements and warns travelers about them. Rugnar lives with a Drow named Tiff, who's mind, according to Rugnar, was wiped out by a Mindflayer. He decided to help the "poor girl" and feed and house her in exchange for giving her some some menial tasks. Tiff is an attractive young woman and she is apparently unable to refuse Rugnar's sexual advances in her current state, which likely plays a larger role in Rungar keeping her around.

It is known that Rugnar is a Duergar. Yet he possesses some sense of honor and is not intrinsically evil, and can be persuaded to act in a good and selfless manner, albeit to a point.

Spoiler: Due to the proximity of Rugnar's place to the surface, the Drow closely watch his shop. Rugnar has a keen eye for Pia and may attempt to acquire her should the right situation arise.