A Dance with Rogues

The Sewer Area Rapid Transit is a useful way to get around the large city of Betancuria. To access it, the Princess needs to get the key to the sewers from the old man during Lesson 3. There are five entrances to the sewers, and when entering one, it's possible to transition to any of the other entrances.


  • Transporting trough SART advances the time (by one hour).
  • In order to be able to get to any particular entrance by SART, the Princess must actually reach and open the exit once ( basically 'activate it' ) either by exploring the sewers or by entering into it from the streets.

The entrances[]

Sewers 3 pins

Betancuria North[]

  • A trapdoor on the main floor of the Bear Pit (#17). It only appears once it's accessed through the sewers.
  • A grate just to the east of the Bear Pit (#18).
Sewers 1 pins

Betancuria South[]

  • A door in the cellar of Drago's warehouse (#1).
  • Outside the hideout in the sewers (#14). The transportation point is at the western door near the ladder (#15).
Sewers 4 pins

Betancuria West[]