A Dance with Rogues
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Sanah Senner is a healer, merchant, and fortune teller operating at 12, Ring Plaza in Betancuria North, with a young assistant. Her wares include healing scrolls, potions, and magical items. She will heal injuries and ailments for 100 gold coins and tell fortunes for 10. Sanah also sells herbal contraception tea for the price of 35 gold to prevent pregnancy, but a buyer should ask for it.

The Fortune[]

"Your path is twisted, child. Your future is not clear. There are many possibilities yet. I see a dark path... It's a foreign land you walk in, knowing no happiness, just sorrow and fear... and blood. I see your hands, your arms, your face stained with the blood of your enemies... Side by side you walk with the dark one. You lead him, but he holds the chain around your neck... There is more. I see icy cold. Stars shining from a moonlit sky. Mists of air gathering around you as you stumble through the snow trying to reach the one who's just like you, yet so different... You killed the king! But you need him to return home... Together you stand on the island, but there's only death around you... You walk the land of the dead, not knowing whether you are a part of it yet... I see a temple. It's evil. It draws you near. It swallows you... There's blood on your hands. You've killed your comrades so you may live! You lie with the black knight. He makes you scream out in ecstasy! Your bodies are entangled, your skin is covered with sweat... In the end, you are betrayed."

Before she drinks a potion designed to wipe out short-term memories,  she tells the Princess that she will forget the fortune entirely and will not be able to see her future again. She also mentions that no one's future is set in stone, and that the Princess can change her fate. She hopes that the Princess will not experience the dark paths she has seen...