A Dance with Rogues
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Sander Gregory is a commoner who lives in Betancuria. During the Mayor's Mansion quest, he can be found locked in a cell in the Mayor's bedroom. The Mayor believes Sander is an Incubus who's using his powers to bewitch women since they find him so attractive. He's forced to have sex with the Mayor in hopes that it will also grant him the same power. The Princess can help him escape from the Mansion.

Later in the game, the Princess can pay the Town Crier in Betancuria North in order to hear about the mayor's assassination, with clues pointing to Sander Gregory being the culpable. Town Crier tells that assassin is executed as a result.


  • If the Princess asks for a reward for freeing Sander he tells her to visit him in his house at the King Str in Northern Betancuria, but such address doesn't exist.
  • EE: He now resides at 15, Squire St