A Dance with Rogues
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Tony's House, Upper Floor, Sargozian Smugglers

Tony Blake meeting with some smugglers

Sargoza, also called Sargovia in Part One v1.40, is a land to the north of Betancuria.

Very little is known about the region, except that there is an academy operating where students can receive instruction in magic and that it is not immune to smuggling. The former is learned after Dan Addams' mother tells the Princess that he has moved there since it's unlikely that Betancuria's Academy will reopen anytime soon, and the latter following Tony Blake's dealings with the Sargozian Smugglers in the Tony the Tiger quest. There are also rumors of a wizard who has made a fortune by increasing the size of women's breasts, which is mentioned by a Dhorn noble in Simon's house during the Dhorn Slayer quest. It is assumed that Sargoza is not under Dhorn control and therefore a much more open society.

According to Simon, Sargoza recently lost all it's colonies and half of it's territory during joint military campaign waged against it by Betancuria and Dhorn Empire. This is learned during the Bank Raider quest.

In Part Two, Lady Mona Waldner mentions she is originally from Sargoza and that her family still lives there.

Sargoza is a somewhat regular topic of discussion in the community, as a possible idea for an unofficial expansion or spin-off.