A Dance with Rogues

Screek is a kobold, whom the Princess meets in a cave in the Abandoned Mine during Part Two Chapter 2. Surprisingly, Screek speaks quite well in common language. He is eager to talk with the Princess and readily tells her about surrounding areas of the mines. He doesn't like dwarves, who according to him are belligerent towards him.

Important: Screek plays a vital part for the Dragon Hunter quest and must be met before the Princess leaves the Mines in a search of the dragon.
Spoiler: In fact it is later revealed that Screek is a servant of Sziths, who lets his master know about the Princess. When the Princess meets Screek in Sziths' lair, he is hostile, but will not try to fight and will try to run away instead


  • Is a murder of doglike humanoid creature an act of canicide or homocide?