A Dance with Rogues

The sewers can provide quick access to all three areas of Betancuria as well as The Bear Pit (through SART). It's inhabited by rats, spiders, and gelatinous cubes and is the Princess' first outing into unfriendly territory. The initial entrance is through the Warehouse in Betancuria South.

Spoiler: The Family's Hideout is located in and can only be access through the sewers. A number of doors in the sewers can only be unlocked using the key given by Stan Krown, the old man guarding the entrance inside the ruined house in Betancuria South.


Places (version 1.50)[]

Sewers 1 pins
  1. Exit (to Warehouse)
  2. Locked gate
  3. Door
  4. Stairs up (to #9)

  1. Stairs up (to #8)
  2. Stairs up to old cellar
  3. Conversation (trigger)
  4. Hideout guards
  5. Stairs up (to Hideout)
  6. Ladder up to the city (Stan's home in Betancuria South)
  7. Sewers (to #16)

  1. Stairs up (to Bognar's Cellar)
  2. Dhorn soldiers

Sewers 2 pins
  1. Stairs down (to #4)
  2. Tony Blake
  3. Spiders
  4. Stairs down (to #9)

Sewers 3 pins
  1. Sewers (to #15)
  2. Ladder (to The Bear Pit)
  3. Ladder (to Betancuria North)
  4. Sewers (to #20)

Sewers 4 pins
  1. Sewers (to #19)
  2. Ladder (to Betancuria West)

Sewers Nightingale pins
  1. Meeting spot
  2. Ladder (to Betancuria West)
  3. Ladder (to 3, Westside)

Places (version 2.20)[]

In the EE remake of Part One, the Sewers have gotten a drastic makeover.


Map in Drago's Warehouse of the EE sewers