A Dance with Rogues

Shander Ogderman is a wizard living in 3, Squire's Road located in Betancuria West. The Princess is likely to meet him during the Portrait optional quest. Due to various kinds of magical experiments he performs in his house, he has frequent run-ins with the Dhorn, and occasionally breaks into the Administration building to reclaim items they've confiscated.

By nature Shander seems quite reserved, and doesn't seem to have a lot of sexual experience. Yet he is a skilled wizard capable of casting teleportation spells, both on himself and others.

Should the Princess find herself in a position needing to get into the Administration building, Shander could likely help, for a price.


  • Important: Shander cannot be found by the Princess on her own. Instead he finds the Princess, once she talks to the Administration building guards during Portrait optional quest.
  • The Princess can try to seduce Shander if she fancies to do so.
  • In earlier versions of the module, Shander asked the Princess to fetch him lingerie from Talana's Lingerie Store and mentioned that she is mad at him. Shander would also ask for the underwear the Princess was wearing, although giving it to him was completely optional.
  • Shander shares portrait with another wizard capable of teleporation and portals: Terek Weminster.