A Dance with Rogues

Shira worked as the Princess' personal maid in Betancuria castle before the Dhorn invaded the city. She was killed when the Dhorn stormed the upper floors and broke into the Princess' chambers. The closeness of the bond between the Princess and her maid is unknown, but the opportunity to pose as Shira during the first meeting with Vico is presented.


  • Shira is a Hebrew name, and means "poetry".
  • She shares portrait with Trissa Patter.
  • Shira is the first person in the module to die.
  • Shira's death is also the first death (within the module) the Princess witnesses.
  • Shira is actually present in the dream that the Princess has of her father in Part Two, standing behind the pillar on the right. Her appearance is different than in Part One, as she sports a long, brown ponytail and wears a white dress.