A Dance with Rogues
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This article contains information on a character, area, item, or quest that has changed in the latest version of Part One as of v1.50. It has been updated to reflect the changes.

Simon Lyonson is a prominent Dhorn noble that lives in a large house on the Isle of Men in Betancuria South. He is good friends with Jero and Alen Kley, and can sometimes be found with Jero at Tald's Tavern. Simon provides a glimpse into the different faces of Dhorn society. Interactions between Simon and his household suggests that the Dhorn claims of their women being obedient to their husbands are somewhat exaggerated. Even though he himself doesn't show much interest in frivolous sex or drinking, he doesn't share the same stern views on women, sex, and prostitution that some of his counterparts do.

Henchman Data[]


  • Simon's role in Part One has increased dramatically as of v1.40 with the Bank Raider quest.
  • Simon is one of the assassination targets in the optional quest Dhorn Slayer offered by Jacia.  This has no effect (surprisingly) on the Bank Raider plot quest.
  • Simon's "unusual for Dhorn" attitudes can be found much later in the Part Two among Dhorn officials in Moonville, which raises a suspicion that Dhorn society is divided with regard to norms, propagated by Arto and used by Dhorn authorities in Betancuria. On the other hand it could be attributed to his unusual personality.
  • Simon is described by Jero as a romantic type.
  • An interesting note belonging to Simon can be found in his desk.

Plot Significance[]

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Spoilers follow.

The Past[]

Little is known about Simon's past, besides his noble origins and his friendship with Jero. During Bank Raider quest Simon reveals that the one woman he ever loved died during childbirth and that Simon is the fourth son of the Dhorn Emperor.

Part One[]

If the Princess takes the Mayor's Mansion quest from Mando, she will notice that Simon is present in the first row during the dance sequence and will engage one of the girls once it's finished. He cannot be found in the mansion afterwards.

The Princess can meet Simon prior to the Bank Raider quest if she takes on the Dhorn Slayer quest, and is asked to kill him as part of her mission. The Princess gets to meet Simon through Jero who tries to convince Simon to hire her for sex. Simon refuses to hire her in this capacity, but agrees to hire her as a playmate. As the Princess converses more with Simon, he tells her that he has to leave Betancuria, at which point the Princess can decide whether to off him, after some interaction with his household, or leave him be.

The Princess meets Simon again in the Hunting Lodge for the Bank Raider quest, in which Simon serves as a companion and central character. During the quest, he has numerous interactions with the Princess, providing more background and giving a deeper and perhaps more sympathetic view of his character. Many of the dialogue options seem romance-oriented, with Simon perhaps playing an increased role in future versions of Part Two.

If the Princess kills Simon during the Dhorn Slayer quest Jero will explain to her that she only killed Simon's double.

Part Two[]

Simon does not appear in Part Two.