A Dance with Rogues

During the course of the story the Princess can engage in the pleasurable act of masturbation to increase her "special skill" in the Arts of Love or just for fun.

Home, sweet home[]

After the Princess receives her own apartment at 2, Acorn Street (Betancuria North) in Chapter 2 of Part One, she can pleasure herself in the privacy of her own bedroom.

Erotic inspirations[]

If the Princess hasn't yet found her "special skill", or her skill is one, she first needs some inspiration to arouse herself.

During Lesson 4 the Princess may have "borrowed" the erotic novel The Sins of Annelie F. from Pia's bedroom in The Lion's Head Inn. Reading it prior to going to bed will prove to be a titillating experience even to a novice in the Arts of Love.

The Princess only reads the book in her own apartment, for she would feel uncomfortable reading such literature in public places.

Not in the mood?[]

While the "special skill" of the Princess is less than three, if she has already had sex that day, she is unable to play with herself.


A Princess skilled in the Arts of Love may dive into her own fantasies while pleasuring herself. When going to bed in her apartment she may choose to "look down on herself" and imagine a partner of her choosing.

The list of the possible fantasy partners grows as the Princess meets more people. All in all the Princess can fantasize about Vico, Pia, Anden, CaronTony, and Nathan to diversify her experience.

Sweetening the travels[]

A possibility to pleasure herself may present itself to the Princess twice during The Golden Chalice quest.