A Dance with Rogues

Talice Do'Vrinn is a high ranking member of House Do'Vrinn, and sister of Rizzen and Akordia Do'Vrinn. She is the daughter of Matron Mother Faeryl Do'Vrinn and a Priestess of Lloth.

She is described as having a particularly serious and depressive personality. The only thing she is actually said to obviously enjoy is inflicting pain and suffering on others; she is therefore a highly sadistic person.


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Spoilers follow.

As the sister of Rizzen Do'Vrinn she attempted to bully him into handing over the princess to her for conditioning (torture) at her hands. However Rizzen Do'Vrinn managed to shrug her off and the princess was spared Talice's sadistic cruelty, much to her good fortune.

However Talice later got to passively observe her sister Akordia Do'Vrinn torturing the princess with a flaming torch and her whip and although she was denied any active role in proceedings she likely enjoyed herself greatly watching the princess suffer.

With Rizzen Do'Vrinn's escape with the princess in tow; Talice was given command of a whole squadron of dark elf soldiers and successfully intercepted the pair at the Mushroom Grove. Since the princess is known to have survived the ambush, it is likely that she was killed during the fighting despite the powerful force at her disposal.

Since the princess clearly survived her ambush; had Talice instead survived the battle then, Faeryl Do'Vrinn would probably have turned her into a Drider upon her return to Maeralssin. In any case, she would never encounter The Princess or her brother Rizzen ever again.