A Dance with Rogues

Question: is Betancuria just the name of the city? Is it a city-state, or is it a whole country? i.e., did the king rule over the farmlands and wilderness near Betancuria as well, or just the city itself? If the former, is Betancuria also the name of the country, as well as the capital?

I hope that question was semi-coherent. Thanks! The Smiling Knight 22:44, 30 March 2009 (UTC)

The only areas we have access to outside the city is to the south and those are the Wilderness and the Road to Betancuria. The road is made up of three maps starting at the south gate and leading to the shore, and you're only forced into the Wilderness because of the impassable bridge. There's a sign on the middle road map with directions - East: Betancuria, West: Forest, South: Great Plains. I assume the situation to the north is similar, roads leading away and woodlands surrounding. These could all be parts of the land/kingdom of Betancuria with a capital city named Betancuria (as in the Road to Betancuria City). The city is large, but it's not much of a kingdom if that's all there is. For some reason I keep thinking that Westwood is part of Betancuria, but maybe that's from the earliest versions of Part Two, when Westwood was just a small town. Lady Whent was concerned that the Princess was going to take her soldiers and I wouldn't think she'd be able to do that unless Westwood was part of the kingdom. Now Westwood is ruled by Baron & Lady Westwood, but a Baron is beneath a King. If the Princess' father isn't the King of the lands where Westwood resides, who is and why aren't they trying to regain control of Westwood? The nearest neighboring kingdom is likely Dhorn and they shouldn't need to invade their own city. This makes me wonder about Ravenstower as well. Westwood and Ravenstown could be under the control of Barons appointed by the King of Betancuria. If these areas are independent of a larger kingdom, wouldn't they be kings of their own kingdom instead of barons of a barony? Earl Delberg is different, he's likely been appointed by a king to rule Delberg. It's hard to say.. These are probably questions that only Valine can answer. --Superlgn 03:04, September 20, 2009 (UTC)

1) Ravenstown is not part of Betancuria and we know this from the Hovazz back trip. Also from there we know that Betancuria does not equal just the city. Here, have a look:
"Even though the dragon travels at great speed, it takes over two days until we leave the icy areas of the North, and yet another day and a half before we finally reach my father's kingdom. I feel very uncomfortable at first, the height making me shiver, and the motions of the dragon under me add to the feeling of being very, very small and helpless should anything go wrong. At the end of the third day, when our supplies are beginning to run low, we finally reach Betancuria. From above it looks different, and for a while I forget about being scared and watch the landscape below me curiously. It all looks so... small!"
2) Westwood probably is part of the Kingdom. By talking to Warek on the ship, after he party goes to jail, we know that the Baron visited the castle - the Princess' castle, that is - a few times and the Princess might or might not have encountered him, depending on her answer. Further more, if you talk to some "Commoner"s in Westwood, they will tell you this:
"There had been rumors from the south for a while, claiming the Dhorn were attacking the Kingdom. I don't think anybody paid those rumors any attention at the start. Why would the Dhorn do that, after all?"
3) Delberg County is not part of the Kingdom, but rather an ally of some sort. Here are some interesting facts form the Old Man talk:
"Earl Bartholomeus Delberg's shire is located about two hundred miles to the north and west of Betancuria. My father told me that he once visited the Earl in his castle, but that was before I was born. I believe Delberg decided to take a neutral stance when my father went to war against Dhorn. I've never met the Earl or anyone from his shire in person, as far as I recall.[...]As you probably know, his shire lies a couple of days south of Sargoza.[...][That's almost as far away from Moonville as Betancuria. Not that it would matter, though. Who knows how far away from Moonville I am.]"
Private Perry also tells us that he needed to go into hiding after Betancuria had fallen:
"We decided to go into hiding. It was a rough time. The Dhorn were hunting down all members of the Royal Army. We fled north, into the great woods. [...] That is how I was introduced into Castle Delberg. Earl Delberg is a just man, and I entered his service."'
To sum it up, the map I'm getting here is this: The Dhorn Empire is situated North of the Princess' kingdom, and they could be separated by the Black Mountains. The kingdom of Betancuria includes the Capital, the Wilderness, the River to Westwood (Which probably flows from the Underground River), some forests, some small settlements, more unidentified stuff in the South (we don't know what "South: Great Plains" could mean, it could actually contain another large city). The Northern limit could be the Black Mountains, you almost get this from the Anden - Alfons conversation at the end of Part One. I'm pretty sure there are more of scattered clues all over the game about who, what and where. If I find anything else, I'll let you know. ~~ Songlian 09:51, September 20, 2009 (UTC)

That helps alot. It's very clear then that Ravenstower isn't part of the kingdom and it seems likely that Westwood is with everything seen in earlier versions and these conversations. --Superlgn 16:02, September 20, 2009 (UTC)
I think the fact that Westwood is part of a Betancuria kingdom was very clear from it's previous version. On Delberg and Ravenstower I would think it is independant. Either they are under different kings or there are some historic reasons why they are not ruled by kings - see for example counts of Catalunya. I am not sure about Wesswood being the closest to Dhron since it was taken after Betancuria. Probabaly there are more directly aproachable common borders between dhorn and Betancuria,? Should we make additional page "Kingdom of Betacuria" explaining all this? 16:28, September 20, 2009 (UTC)
I would think Westwood being closest to Betancuria and yet not attacked first due to the presence of the Black Mountains between them. If you remember at the end of the First Part, when Anden first mentioned the mountains, Alfons said that they cannot be crossed and then Anden said he knows a way beneath them. I'm thinking The Dhorn empire would have known that and would have also thought that getting an army throughout the Underdark, with all those Drows waiting to attack, would not be such a good idea. So maybe there are better routes to reach Betancuria than the direct one. Of course, this is mere speculation. ~~ Songlian 16:55, September 20, 2009 (UTC)
Maybe they wanted to attack the heart of the kingdom first so word of a pending invasion wouldn't spread by taking smaller outlying areas like Westwood, more of a surprise attack. Then invading Dhorn army can use the fall of the city as a means of installing fear throughout the kingdom.. "We've taken your mightiest city. Do you really believe you can stand up to us?" --Superlgn 17:04, September 20, 2009 (UTC)
Yup, that too. ~~ Songlian 17:06, September 20, 2009 (UTC)