A Dance with Rogues

Dhorn Barracks[]

I think the mentioning of the Dhorn Barracks in walktrough is no longer relevant, and it can be misleading and interfere with "know thy enemies" quest. Is there some reason it was left.. does Jacia actually point to it any longer? ChernyjDyr 06:48, 15 June 2009 (UTC)

I haven't done the Dhorn Slayer quest in a long time, but I don't remember anything with the barracks in v1.15. --Superlgn 17:51, 15 June 2009 (UTC)

Merge Dhorn Love walkthrough[]

The walkthrough on Dhorn Love seems out of place to me since Dhorn Love is really just the Princess and Jero. I think it should be merged in to the Simon section on this article:


A meeting in Simon's House

Simon Lyonson is a Dhorn noble who lives on the Isle of Men in Betancuria South, but he cannot be reached without an introduction from Jero Fetton. You should have met Jero when you were tracking down the rings for Lesson 5, which started the Dhorn Love quest. Go to Tald's Tavern in Betancuria West and speak with Jero, then soften him up with your "special skills". After you've finished pleasing him, he should agree to setup a meeing with Simon in the warehouse at 19, Knight Street. When you arrive, you should see Jero, Simon, and a few Dhorn soldiers waiting. Now speak with Simon. It's possible to attack him right here on the spot, but you're well outnumbered. Some explosives from the Felgen Mining Company could make big difference. If you're looking for another, less straight forward opportunity, convince him that you'll be a great playmate. He will invite you to visit him the following day at his house in Betancuria South.

Goodbye Jero

Go to Simon's house the following day and speak with the guards out front. The guard will let you in once you tell him that you're expected. Simon has some urgent matters to attend to in Dhorn and is in the middle of his travel preparations and has completely forgotten about you. At this point you can attack Simon through the dialogs, but it's a difficult battle because of his guards. If you decide to wait for another opportunity, Simon's friends will take you to a nearby room, gawk at you and your clothing, and strike up a conversation where they exhibit their disgust for prostitutes. The women will leave thereafter, leaving you with the nobleman who will want to escort you out. If you want to continue with the quest, you can choose to kill him (for a 5 point alignment shift to evil) or leave him alone (he won't attack), then stealthily make your way into the house to finish things.

By now everyone in the house, except for a few guards, are asleep. You can sneak past the guards and hunt down Simon. Jero is in one of the bedrooms on this floor and Simon in another. Simon is the only one you're getting paid for, and you'll want to take his head after you've killed him, but if you want to take care of Jero (for a 5 point alignment shift to evil), now is the time.

Proceed downstairs. If your thirst for blood hasn't been sated yet, the obnoxious ladies can be found in their bedrooms. You can leave more stains on Dhorn sheets (for a whopping 10 point alignment shift to evil for each) and collect their dresses as souvenirs.

You can leave the house via the backdoor.

--Superlgn 20:11, June 12, 2010 (UTC)

I just looked at the journal entries for Dhorn Love and it includes entries for killing Simon, so I guess it could or should stay where it is. --Superlgn 22:21, June 21, 2010 (UTC)