A Dance with Rogues

The back story[]

Are we sure about the backstory? I was glancing at bits of Maren's dialog in the .mod file and I see talk of a new mage, an explosion followed by chaos, rumors spreading amongst the towns people, then the attack on the castle. Nothing about summoning demons during the attack. Maybe I'm missing part of the story, or it doesn't come from Maren?

This here? It's my daddy's castle! <StartAction>[She beams proudly]</Start> <StartAction>[She giggles]</Start> You can be frank. It's a ruin. Daddy should punish the maids! But... well, the maids are dead. They don't bother cleaning up anymore. I'm not sure. It started when daddy got a new arch mage. But I have forgotten the arch mage's name. So much time has passed since. I think he tried to do a magical experiment in the castle's basement. I heard a loud boom one evening, and there was a lot of shouting and confusion afterwards. But daddy's soldiers told me everything was fine. They sealed the basement so nothing could come out and hurt us. <StartAction>[She shrugs]</Start> But the stupid people in the village claimed that there were demons coming out of the castle, eating their children at night and stuff like that. <StartAction>[She rolls her eyes]</Start> They didn't believe my daddy... They attacked the castle one evening and killed everyone... even the maids... and they hurt me and threw me into this cell.

--Superlgn 04:07, 29 May 2009 (UTC)

there is also a tale by a unhostile shadow in the last floor (in the room with a blue glow). It is also possible that I remembered some stuff form deleted now Bishop conversations from very early versions. Here is the tale of the shadow:

I once was a cleric before evil befell the castle. This room is the sanctum of the castle's chapel. It is sacred soil you find yourself on, mortal. The bishop convinced the King to commence a ritual that summoned mighty allies to his side. I remember! I was there that night! The whole castle was shaking! It was like a giant earthquake! Most of the cellars collapsed We thought him a man of good, but he was not. It was his influence that made the king spill his own blood. I do not know what his motives were, but no doubt he was evil. The breach is like a hole in the wall that seperates the world of the living from other planes of existence. Like a tunnel to whatever world lies on the other side. That night when the breach was created, things were coming out of the dark! Evil things! They slaughtered the castle's residents! Only I managed to escape! I locked myself up in this room. Its protective magic saved me. I was trapped, however. I could not leave. Monsters roamed the castle! They were waiting for me. Patiently. I saw their faces, staring. So when I was out of food, I killed myself before the hunger drove me to open the sacred door! Yet I did not die, for reasons unknown to me. I am forced to haunt this place. They wander through the corridors, undead creatures they have become like me. I suspect it is the influence of a terrible force lurking on the other side of the breach.

I will try to accomodate both versions, ChernyjDyr 08:01, 29 May 2009 (UTC)

Ah, I forgot about the spirit on level 6... I don't know that it's really two different versions of the story as it is the same story told from two different perspectives. The spirit in the basement was trapped in the room with the magical barrier and killed himself before hunger drove him out of the room. It's possible he was at or near the source of this breach and wasn't even aware of what was happening on the upper floors, and that villagers may not have even gone down to level 5 of the castle with all those huge demons roaming around (i forget what they're called). One would think that his first hand knowledge would be mostly accurate. The king would have wanted to keep Maren safe, and probably a bit in the dark - "All is well, there's nothing to worry about", etc. She may not have been fully informed as to what was happening on the lower levels of the castle and was later thrown down to the lower levels after the villagers attacked. You'd think her life during/after would have been extremely traumatic, she may have blocked some things out. When she says village, does anyone know what she's talking about? Something on the surface, a distance away, like Moonville, or could the village have been built above the castle? There are some ruins scattered about on the island. Maren also spoke about a lake being built on top of the castle, so there may have been more to the island than what's seen now. --Superlgn 14:54, 29 May 2009 (UTC)

How does this sound?

Spoiler: The tomb on the Isle of Prisoners was once the heart of a thriving kingdom, a castle for King Amraphenneset. After the king brought on a new arch mage, known only as the Bishop, he persuaded the king to allow him to perform a ceremony to summon powerful allies from other planes of existence. The ceremony tore a breach between planes and demons poured into the castle, slaughtering many of its residents. According to a spirit trapped on the lowest level of the tomb, the Bishop turned against the king, although his motives were unknown. The king's soldiers told Maren that the basement had been sealed and all was well, but villagers claimed that demons were coming from the castle and attacking the village. They banded together and attacked the castle, killing the remaining survivors.

--Superlgn 17:10, 29 May 2009 (UTC)

I think she was talking about the villagers who lived neat the castle. It was long ago - long before Dhorn even came there. (remember the journal of Dhorn warden...who have found about the dead becoming the undead thing).I have incorporated both stories with links to both of them. ChernyjDyr 15:15, 30 May 2009 (UTC)

Should the backstory (and the note below it) be moved to the Isle of Prisoners: Tomb page? The island is just an island and nothing I've read in the dialog with Maren or the Shadow leads me to believe existed when the castle was built, so you're probably right about the surrounding areas being changed / built up over time, then flooded to give it's current appearance. The Isle of Prisoners page is a good lead in to get people to the tomb, but I think everything below the current description would be better suited on the tomb page instead. --Superlgn 16:51, 30 May 2009 (UTC)

I have thought about it . The reason I left it in the Isle of Prisoners page is because the story is not only about the castle or the tomb. It is the story of whole area - it tells what's the deal with this weird island, how it turned into Dhorn prison. (the last part of the story isn't about the tomb but how the thing happened in the tomb made an island into a prison) Like : isle of prisoners isn't only the geographical name - it is the name of the mystery that is uncovered. But I am not fixed on it so if you think it is better to move it to tomb page do it (we should also then change links on the shadow and bishop pages where link to the story of destruction leads to Isle page. Or we could put the story on both pages. Another idea is to make a separate page called something like "history of Isle of Prisoners" and put links on all relevant pagesChernyjDyr 17:43, 30 May 2009 (UTC)

It's a decent amount of text and could probably go on it's own page, then we could throw up the main Spoilers notice on the page and link it from both the Isle and Tomb pages. I'll take care of it and you can take a look to see if it's alright. --Superlgn 20:59, 30 May 2009 (UTC)