A Dance with Rogues
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Spoilers follow.


Glancing at the area list in the Chooser, I see quite a few map name changes (like stuff related to Ravenstower). I'm not sure how we want to handle this, leave 'em alone or rename with redirects, etc. --Superlgn 22:00, October 16, 2010 (UTC)

I'm voting for renaming with redirects. ~~ Songlian 10:29, October 18, 2010 (UTC)

During the Golden Chalice quest, where the Princess has a vision of the past (presumably) after picking up a book from the dead paladin, she is given some clothes (nipple chains, resref "cloth041"). If you would like a copy of the clothes, once in the vision have her walk a distance away from the throne, to exit the trigger grid, and walk back. If done right the trigger would fire again, blacking out the scene for a moment and gives her another copy of the clothes. At the end of the dream sequence, one copy would get destroyed, leaving you with the other copy.

The clothes themselves are unremarkable (AC: 0, weight: 1.0), unfortunately does not have an appropriate name, may be improved by Nora and Igor, and the Dhorn patrol would not hassle the Princess about it. -- Rdde 20:56, January 6, 2011 (UTC)

Gameplay changes[]

Prostitution / revealing clothing and the Jail[]

I found a new feature concerning the items. If the Princess wears clothes that can be considered suspicious by the Dhorn patrol (Padded Catsuit in my case), they will stop her, check her belongings and if they find some stolen items, she will be taken to jail for corporal punishment. I don't know whether this is the case with all sets of armor sold in the hideout or no. - Evil A

Apologies, Evil A, I moved your comment in the Comments section, so that we can keep the lists clean. As for the patrol's behavior, I had that happening to me with a Padded Catsuit bought from Drago Blake. And as long as we count differences in gameplay, it should be noted that if you undress, you gain a +3 bonus to Move Silently (bare feet). ~~ Songlian 21:03, October 18, 2010 (UTC)
Yes, and when I changed the clothes to the Pretty Dress, the patrol stopped paying the Princess any attention. So we just need to find out which sets of armor are suspicious for the Dhorn. And I don't know how to check it through the toolset.Evil A 21:20, October 18, 2010 (UTC)

If the Princess walks around naked in Betancuria, she'll be arrested, brought to Prison (new area in Betancuria West) and lashed. ~~ Songlian 19:31, October 19, 2010 (UTC)

I'm not sure if it was intended, but I was able to break into the prison with a +6 lock picks... Just some drunk people and a dead body in the cells, and a few empty chests in one of the back rooms. The map is actually called 'Jail', which is a bit generic so I think we should use Betancuria Jail instead. I setup a disambiguation page for Jail, we just need the article. --Superlgn 02:13, October 20, 2010 (UTC)
Yup, I broke in, too. The area itself is named "Prison" on the map, so maybe we should redirect that to "Betancuria Jail" as well. ~~ Songlian 19:38, October 20, 2010 (UTC)
The only thing I see that says Prison is 'PrisonGroundFloor' in the Chooser, which is some map identifier used for internal purposes or something, like what you'd pass to the dm_moveto command. Everything else says Jail for me. Prison redirecting to the Jail disambiguation page would be ok though... --Superlgn 01:05, October 21, 2010 (UTC)

The fine here seems to be all of your gold. I just lost 9,000+ gold pieces testing something out, dm_givegold 33 and a return to the Jail left me with a 33 gold fine, and another visit with no gold made no mention of a fine (just 10 lashes). --Superlgn 01:05, October 21, 2010 (UTC)

The Golden Chalice quest[]

I just finished the Golden Chalice quest, summoned Hyath, and let him kill both Christano and Myra. I also did the water and gong and no one came out to get me, the side rooms were empty. I don't believe I've ever done this on older versions and no mention of this is made on the quest page. Anyone know if this is new? --Superlgn 02:25, October 20, 2010 (UTC)

As I recall, this is what would happen before the update. 17:43, October 21, 2010 (UTC)



  • The Princess (new info on her mother's and grandmother's name, article updated on 23oct2010)
  • Tarleth Dallows (different appearance, different portrait, needs new images, enhanced role in Captured quest; looks good as of 28 November 2010)
  • Pett Webber (different appearance, needs new image)
  • Dara Nefzen (different appearance, needs new image)
  • Nelina Ashby (different appearance, make a new image)
  • Simo Willer‎ (his hair is red now, needs new image)
  • Rick Cars (different appearance, gang members also vary in race and gender, they now force themselves on you in addition to stealing your things; received some updates on 19 October 2010, should be up to date as of 16 November 2010)
  • Tony Blake (NTS: relationship with Cata "over a year or so"; different appearance, needs a new image)
  • Gaston Leonseph (comes to Tony's house during Tony the Tiger, with a new assistant named Lyssia)
  • Vico (accompaniment on Tony's trip, updated on 28nov2010)
  • Cata Meynolt (previous relationship with Tony, accompaniment on Tony's trip, different clothing, needs new image)
  • Alen Kley (appearance during Tony's trip)
  • Arto Benthur (for Captured; description of events surrounding capture are generic enough that it could probably stay as is)
  • Terik Lannesen (he can be found dead in the Cells at the end of Chapter 2, needs note in the article)
  • Mando Halley (for Captured; his article could/should include mention of assistance with escape)
  • Nathan Geigers (some minor adjustments for Captured)
  • Simon Lyonson (he's present in the Mayor's Mansion for the dance party, maybe a slight mention in the article, updated on 16nov2010)
  • Terek Weminster
  • Baron Ravenstower
  • Pia (her Part One backstory needs to be updated - she and the Princess are sent together to the Northlands)



  • The Bear Pit, kitchens (assorted decorations (I think), possibly make a new image)
  • The Bear Pit, Nathan's Rooms (previously closed room opened up, notation and new image probably not necessary)
  • Dark Alley (needs new screenshot of Rick and his gang; new image as of 16 November 2010)
  • Tald's Tavern (new layout)
  • The Wildcat (sign out front, ghost and decorations on the upper floor, updated on 12 December 2010)
  • Tony's House (updated on 12 December 2010)
  • Mayor's Mansion (see quest notes below)
  • Betancuria West (needs new map because Prison was added)
  • Betancuria North (there's a hanging platform now in it, needs new map, also new Empty House map next to the Flagon)
  • 2, Acorn Street, 1st floor (some decoration changes and a dresser with the clothes made by Gaston during TTT, probably doesn't need to be flagged but it could use a new image)
  • Temple of Hyath (overall article listing all maps, updated to include archway on 19 October 2010)
  • Temple of Hyath, sanctum (altar has different appearance, probably doesn't need to be flagged, just a new image)
  • Temple of Hyath, bridge (extremely minor adjustment for doorway leading new 'archway' map)
  • Betancuria Castle (courtyard map updated for Captured, also addition of Guards' Quarters and Storage Rooms below)
  • Sewers (one of the lesser Sewers maps has been updated for the Blackmailed quest)
  • Empty Dockhouse (now Run-down Dockhouse, has some damage, could use a new image for the gallery)
  • Dockhouse (in South next to the Empty Dockhouse, an older yet previously undocumented area (on the wiki) that has a bunch of homeless people / paupers in it now)
  • Cellar (The entrance is at the south eastern most of Betancuria South. Looks like it was also previously undocumented. In v1.40, it was labelled as an "Abandoned Warehouse" of little interest, with only a campfire and an empty whiskey bottle. In v1.50, its label has changed to "Cellar", containing a hidden thief's hideout with some small treasure and a level 2 rogue that will attack the Princess as she attempts to leave after looting the treasure.)
  • Academy, Teachers' Quarters (for Pia is Missing, last two bedrooms different, no portal)
  • Ravenstower (should be good as of 28 November 2010)
  • Ravenstown (same)
  • The Ice Princess (uploaded new external image on 28 November 2010, additional images and content updated on 11 December 2010)
  • Mountains of Frost (updated 11 December 2010)
  • Ravenstower Castle
  • Terek's Tower


  • Part One Walkthrough: Prologue
  • Tony the Tiger (updated by ChernyjDyr on 14 Nov 2010, could use some images and minimaps to give it a bit of polish)
  • Lesson 2 (fighting a lizard now, you can also strip to distract Taka, updated on 18nov2010)
  • Mayor's Mansion quest (window in bedroom is gone, another level added, statue location changed, a few interesting sounding books in the bookshelf, the captive in the hidden room; updated by Amaterasu on 14 Nov 2010, minimaps and some additional updates on 27 November 2010)
  • Uncover the Dhorn Spies (minor change here - the main gladiator in the bedroom is now an orcish guy, who's also the one of the guys who assaults you in the Swordfish; updated on 27 November 2010)
  • The Golden Chalice quest (new vision in 'hole' map when taking the diary, altar in the sanctum has a different appearance, bridge map is a bit different now as it leads to new 'archway' map, archway goes to tombs)
  • Captured (walkthrough posted on 17 July 2011, needs images and minimaps)
  • Pia is Missing (up to date as of 28 November 2010, but still needs minimaps and related documentation)



  • General Reyer (Prologue; brother of Tald Reyer?)
  • Dhorn Commander (Prologue, the one with the winged helmet, needs disambiguation)
  • Andrik Snyder (aka the "Bearded Man", Captured, Blackmailed, and Pia is Missing quests)
  • Will (Tony's "right-hand man", last name?)
  • Lyssia (Gaston's assistant, last name?)
  • Adellindra Arnimanner (Tony's maid, "you can just call me Ady")
  • Timonald Jarshaley (Tony's butler/cook, also called Timo)
  • Betta Notter (Tony's servant/maid?, middle-aged woman)
  • Waler Brimson (Tony's guest during Tony the Tiger, also called Master Brimson, assassination resolution cpt 2)
  • The Guardian (bone golem looking thing guarding the archway map in the Temple of Hyath, worth adding to the wiki?)
  • Sander Gregory (the captive in the hidden room during Mayor's Mansion quest, add as companion? fairly brief, town crier note about his fate)
  • There's a (female) Ghost now in The Wildcat on the upper floor, instead of a spirit. (added note to article, don't think label is necessary, 22oct2010) ~~ Songlian 20:55, October 22, 2010 (UTC)
  • Captain Taris Ashald (Ravenstower Castle)
  • Claile Ravenstower (Ravenstower Castle)
  • Dana Ravenstower (Ravenstower Castle, companion for the battle with Terek)
  • Castias Ravenstower (Ravenstower Castle)
  • Timin Ravenstower (Ravenstower Castle)


  • Dress by Gaston "Black Seduction"
  • Dress by Gaston "Golden"
  • Dress by Gaston "Heavy on Top"
  • Dress by Gaston "I'm tall!"
  • Dress by Gaston "Near Dark"
  • Dress by Gaston "Summer in Illeria"

As far as naming goes for the above, we could go with Dress (Black Seduction) or maybe just Black Seduction. We've got a bunch of weapons going by their names like Ice, Frost, and the Bleederkin, but "I'm tall!" may be a bit awkward. --Superlgn 18:27, October 17, 2010 (UTC)

  • Panties & Bra White
  • Nightie
  • Pants
  • Panties White
  • Pants & Top
  • Bra White
  • Fancy Cloak
  • Bathrobe

Some of these are a bit generic, we may want to go with Bathrobe (Tony) for some/all (as they're all items from Tony's house). --Superlgn 18:36, October 17, 2010 (UTC)

  • Smuggler's Belt (found in a cave at the Smugglers's Cove, grants Darkvision)
  • Wicked Blade (new gift from Alfons instead of the Poisonous Short Sword (Gift))
  • Armor of the Maiden (found in sarcophagus behind 44DC door in 'Passage' on Captured quest)
  • Bearded Man's Key (Blackmailed quest)
  • Bearded Man's Amulet (found on his body in Pia is Missing)
  • Sargozian's head (TTT, from Brimson)
  • Note in Simon's desk (confirmed new in v1.50, text on Songlian's user page, updated on 16nov2010)
  • La Chanteuse (ring on Pia's finger)
  • Dragon Slayer's Diary (Ravenstower Barony, Abandoned Mine, on the Corpse)
  • Crumbled Note (Ice Princess, upper floor)
  • Lady Claile's Dress (found on Lady Claile's body)
  • Lady Claile's Short Sword
  • Ornate Longsword +2 (found on Timin Ravenstower's body)
    • New item. ResRef is nw_wswls001, which spawns a normal Longsword. -- Rdde 17:19, December 11, 2010 (UTC)
  • Gem of Export



  • Blackmailed (by the mysterious Bearded Man)
    • Triggered after escaping from the Dhorn HQ and entering Betancuria South.
    • Blackmailed to pay 50,000 gold. To be delivered to a ruined house next to the closed Flagon Tavern in 24 hours.
    • The Family only has 5,000 gold free.
    • The blackmail threat doesn't get carried out if you don't pay up. Does anyone know for sure?
    • The Bearded Man gets killed during the Pia Is Missing quest. If the blackmail was paid, you will not recover it.
    • Not recommended to pay the blackmail unless you have spare gold to burn.
    • If you have more than 50,000 gold when you're depositing the money, he will appear and only take 50,000. If you have less than 5,000 gold, he will not show up when you deposit the money. Anywhere in between, he will appear and take all your money when you attempt to depost the money in the trunk.




  • Poisonous Short Sword (Gift) (flagged as old on 10 December 2010)
    • It seems to have been replaced by the Wicked Blade. I can't find the old Poisonous Short Sword via using the Toolset and its ResRef is reused by the Wicked Blade. -- Rdde 21:34, December 10, 2010 (UTC)
  • Implosion Bottle




  • My first time with Jero his dialog stopped after an Arts of Love check. It sounded more like the type of thing you get when you're trying to setup a meeting with Simon. Can restart and complete the interaction normally by clicking on Jero after it breaks. --Superlgn 04:16, October 18, 2010 (UTC)
  • When Tony approaches the Princess outside the Bear Pit, his dialog seems a bit incomplete... I don't recall him asking you to come to his house or giving you directions. He just disappears after and your journal updates with his address. --Superlgn 04:16, October 18, 2010 (UTC)
  • When speaking with Nathan after Tony the Tiger has finished, he still has some dialog from before it really begins (asking for permission) if you never spoke with him before. --Superlgn 04:16, October 18, 2010 (UTC)
  • I can't get Gaston to make me the beggar costume after Tony the Tiger. There's only the "I'd like to buy a special outfit" option, and after clicking through all the options available (money, highborn lady and special offer) which he declines, the "I really need that costume" option doesn't appear anymore. ~~ Songlian 19:35, October 20, 2010 (UTC)
  • I've seen some breakage in the sex dialog that's shared between the sailors/Swordfish/Ice Princess patrons. Can't remember any specifics, but it's happened to me a few times. Next time I'll try to remember what service they chose and what the last conversation selection was at the very least. --Superlgn 15:22, October 21, 2010 (UTC)
I mentioned this and some of the dialog that gave me problems on the Vault on 30 November 2010 and tegli4 thought it may have something to do with a dice roll (rand_33percent_1) after he looked at the script. I'm guessing these rolls are and have always been in the sex script(s) to randomize dialog/responses and services, but something is off a bit with v1.50. --Superlgn 23:21, December 3, 2010 (UTC)
  • After Caron dies, the dialogue with Vico has the "Caron is dead" option twice. ~~ Songlian 20:30, October 22, 2010 (UTC)
  • If you leave Ravenstower Castle after the fight before the flight back to sell some things, attempt to say goodbye to Dandy or backstab the Adventurers you can't return to the castle. The blue entrance area refuses to take you inside. Used DebugMode 1 -> dm_movetoarea RavenstowerCastleMainFloor -> dm_jumptopoint 110 110 -> DebugMode 0. The tag name is MainFloor not LowerFloor like the main entry in the toolset says. Alatari 14:59, May 8, 2012 (UTC)


  • During the Pia is Missing quest when Pia is telling Alfons what has happened, she left out describing what happened between her and the Princess in the cave. But the cave event is no longer present in 1.50. -- Rdde 18:02, December 3, 2010 (UTC)