A Dance with Rogues
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Tarleth Dallows is a young member of The Family with a penchant for scanty clothing. She acts as a sentry for the sewer Hideout, greeting those who come in and presumably raising the alarm in case of intruders. When the Princess first enters the hideout, Tarleth approaches her and gives her information on the hideout and Alfons Fryar. If the Princess is looking for company, Tarleth directs her towards Pett Webber, a Family member who has never turned down an offer yet.

Later, she is imprisoned by the Dhorn for indecent behavior. When the Princess is caught by the Dhorn during the Captured quest, she will be subsequently tossed in the same cell with Tarleth. Together they make their escape but as they make their way out of the prison, they find their way blocked and thus unwittingly open the door to the room where Arto Benthur told the Princess her charges. He is accompanied by two other Dhorn soldiers and after inquiring about Tarleth from one of them, he decapitates her.


  • In version 1.40 and earlier, Tarleth was a part of the rescue party lead by Mando, who entered the Dhorn Headquarters to save the Princess. While making their escape, Tarleth became separated from the group and was captured. When Arto Benthur caught up to the escaping rogues, he killed Tarleth in front of the Princess and Mando, and promised that they would not get away a second time.