A Dance with Rogues
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The temple dedicated to the entity known as Hyath is located on the Summer Islands. The Princess explores it together with Christano Arniman and Myra Waynolt of the Church of the Sun Lord during their search for the Golden Chalice. The temple consists of several levels, including the main level, lower level, the caverns, the hole, the sanctum, the bridge leading to the archway, and the tombs.

Apparently Hyath was nearly forgotten by human kind until a scholar found references to Hyath's cult, and thought the rituals involving naked women and consorting appealing. He founded a temple honoring Hyath on the tropical Summer Islands. Eventually the temple was attacked by warriors of the Church of the Sun Lord to end the blasphemous worship.

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The entrance to the temple is on top of a hill, and all its floors are underground. Beneath the main floor of the temple is a small lower level, under which are the caverns. The temple slaves were kept there in their cells or in the torture chambers. A single gateway leads from the caverns to the two stairs leading further down. One stairway leads to the sanctum with the chapel and the residences of the highpriests. The other stairway leads to the tombs.

When the temple was attacked by followers of the Sun Lord, all worshipers of Hyath died either during the attack or starving to death after it. The highpriests of Hyath magically sealed the gateway between the caverns and the stairs down, thus preventing the invaders from reaching the sanctum or the tombs, and themselves from leaving the temple. Their supplies were limited, which finally cost the lives of the survivors. Yet the dead followers oh Hyath have not died, but turned into undead , animated by an evil influence and roam the temple ever since.