A Dance with Rogues
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Terek Weminster is an archmage who serves as Baron Ravenstower's adviser. He's highly skilled in the ways of magic, and even capable of creating lingering portals, although it would seem he is not as good at closing them. The Princess first meets him when she steps through one of his portals at the Betancuria Academy while investigating Pia's disappearance.

Spoiler: Terek masterminds the Baron's death and pins the blame on the Baron's nephew, who is subsequently burned at the stake. He also teleports the Princess and Pia into Hovazz's lair. When the princess returns to Ravenstower, it is revealed that Terek has assumed control of the town after the Baron's death and holed himself up in The Ice Princess. After the Princess resurrects Baron Ravenstower, Terek is killed. His robe, damaged from the fight, can later be turned into the Black Dress of the Archmagi by Igor Wilkino, the smith in Betancuria.