A Dance with Rogues

The Bear Pit is a restaurant located in Betancuria North and is run by Nathan Geigers. The Princess lives and works there as a kitchen girl, after the Dhorn invasion of Betancuria.

The restaurant is on the ground floor, the kitchens are on the second floor, and the third floor is comprised entirely of Nathan's rooms. Chella and the Princess have connected bedrooms in the kitchens. The Princess' room is equipped with a closet, a bed, and a bathtub. Apparently Chella puts some powerful herbs into the bath, since it has a really wondrous curative effect.

It's unclear where the remainder of the kitchen staff lives.


  • Use of the bathtub cures most diseases and removes the effects of ash and makeup. It also advances the clock by one hour.
  • There's a small window at the back of the restaurant that can be used as an alternate exit.
  • There's also an exit to the sewers near the front door of the restaurant, but it must first be accessed from the sewers before it can be used.
  • The second and third floors become inaccessible near the end of Part One, so it would be wise to avoid storing important items there as the game progresses. Alternate storage areas include the Hideout in the sewers and the second floor of 2, Acorn Street.
  • In the restaurant on the ground floor there is an additional opportunity for gold cashing, if the Princess accepts a Patron's invitation to sit down for a drink. With a high enough Pick Pocket skill, she can steal his purse through a dialogue option. This can also occur at the Lion's Head Inn.


See the kitchens and Nathan's Rooms