A Dance with Rogues

In ruins found near the Dhorn city of Moonville exists a cult which worships a powerful demon called Numinous Belphegor. The Princess meets the cult during Jachan Coin quest while exploring areas surrounding Moonville.

The cult practices demonology as well as various bizarre carnal acts and rituals that appeals to many Dhorn citizens due to the sexual repression present in the Dhorn society. It is strictly outlawed by Dhorn authorities.

Cult members avoid calling their members by name and cover their faces, but it is unknown if such behavior has some roots in the cult's teachings or if it is a simple matter of security.

Spoiler: The history of the Cult is described in the Jachan's Diary. The Cult was established by Jachan Krows in an abandoned site of ancient temple dedicated to a nameless dark entity. The cult has a Highpriest, who seems to have a position of leadership in the cult, but it is not entirely clear how he relates to Jachan, who has established the cult.