A Dance with Rogues

"The idea was very simple. Why fight each other when you can control the whole thing. So we formed the family. We took in every cutpurse, every shopkeeper, every whore, and every merchant. We made sure there was no more plundering in the streets. We made sure that stealing and shop lifting stayed at a certain limit. We also made sure that only we smuggled goods into and out of the city. Nobody sold something that we didn't want to be sold. People played by our rules." - Nathan Geigers

The Family is a crime syndicate located in the city of Betancuria. It was formed around twenty years ago as a "self help" organization of prominent Betancurian merchants and community figures led by Nathan Geigers, created to fight the crime and poverty raging in the city. The list of it's members can be found here.

The Past[]

According to Nathan, the King of Betancuria neglected the needs of the city and concentrated on raising troops to his endless wars instead. The people were poor and hungry, and crime was rampant on the streets. Nathan of the Bear Pit, Igor Wilkino of his Smithy, Frank Kelten of the One Thousand Steps Inn and Hatori of the Tea Shop finally took the justice in their own hands and went against the thugs. Structured, with a purpose, and supported by the people, the merchants gained the upper hand against the unorganized gangs.

The smuggler Drago Blake realized that the merchants could only be beaten if the thieves organized themselves as well, but that it would become a war on the streets. Thus he chose to seek an alliance instead. Together the merchants and the criminals created The Family, a true thieves' guild that aimed at preventing plundering and keeping stealing and smuggling in check. It would control crime by leading it. The leaders of The Family were interested in the streets and did not wish to upset the authorities. Thus they didn't move against the King of Betancuria or seek to control the army. This disinterest in politics changed dramatically after the Dhorn invasion due to the new rulers taking such keen interest in all illegal activities in the city.

Current Activities[]

The Family's areas of activity include inter alia thefts, burglaries, extortion, assassinations and smuggling. Previously the syndicate dealt also in prostitution, but this trade in any organized form has all but disappeared under the heavy-handed rule of the Dhorn. Nathan Geigers is the undisputed leader of The Family. Many of its members, including the top lieutenants, can be found in the hideout located in the sewers, which serves as a point of rest, gathering, recreation and fencing for The Family.

See Members of The Family for a complete list of family members.