A Dance with Rogues
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The Greytower

When the Princess explores Westwood Greytower near the Westwood Castle in Westwood she will find it's upper floor to be haunted by the ghosts of Sir Perrent Westwood, his betrothed Korina Fearshallin, and his father, Baron Holando Westwood.

The ghosts continually repeat the same gruesome scene. Korina tells Perrent how Baron Holando showed her maps of the area and Sir Perrent Westwood accuses her of adultery with his father, claiming that this is what his sword tells him. Then he murders both of them.

Thus begins the Greytower optional quest. Even though the quest begins and ends in the Greytower, to solve it the Princess will have to visit the Well near the Abandoned Mine in an attempt to put the ghosts to rest by undoing the evil which bounds them to the place of their death.

The quest does not necessarily show up in your journal either when you start it, solve it or finish it.

Spoiler: Once Greytower quest is done, the locked door in the upper floor will open and the Princess will find there the armor Chainmail of Roses.


  • In previous versions of the story the Princess could take the Sir Perrent's sword to herself. Now it is impossible.
  • It seems that the Princess must also have found the sword in the mausoleum to finish the quest.
Spoiler: As the Princess sneakes inside Castle Westwood while she is rescuing her party, placed in a bookshelf she will find the volume The First Baron Westwood. The book tells how the first baron's son suspected him on having an affair with his betrothed and how after the son killed them both, he continued to haunt his murderer until the last one killed himself. Though the book does not give any names, except title related, the first baron of Westwood was, most likely, Baron Holando Westwood.


See Chapter 1: Westwood Mausoleum and The well of the Black Mountains

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This article is part of a collection for the walkthrough for Part Two.