A Dance with Rogues

The Princess is the protagonist of A Dance with the Rogues. The module comes with the pre-generated character file of Lyanna Stormborn (age 18), although any human female character can be used. Although the age of the Princess is left to the discretion of the player, the reactions and descriptions of NPCs throughout the story will place her somewhere between her mid-to-late teens and early twenties.

The Princess has spent most of her life inside her father's palace, accustomed to a life of luxury. At the beginning of the story she is a maiden with no known sexual experience. The Princess' father is the King of Betancuria. Her mother is Maria Cassandra of Parzibar, the Morning Star of Antigua, while her grandmother was also a daughter of House Parzibar who was wed to her own brother, Reginald Carol of Parzibar. Little is known about the Princess' true feelings with regards to her parents and her royal heritage.

Note: Her mother and grandmother's names were revealed in v1.50. Until then little was known of either, except for a rumor on her grandmother being an adventurer.

After the massacre of Betancuria Castle, Dhorn forces occupy Betancuria, although it is unclear who the governor of the city is. The Princess, the only known legitimate heir to the Betancurian throne, is in hiding. As the story progresses, the Princess matures and gains the knowledge and skills to become a rogue and ruler of her own fate.


  • The Princess must be female with Charisma and Dexterity scores of 14 or higher. (In version 2.0 of Part One, the Dexterity requirement was lowered to 12 to allow for more build flexibility.)
  • The character is intended to be human.
  • The class of the Princess doesn't have to be rogue, though it is advised to take the first level as a rogue to maximize her skill points, which are very much needed in the course of the story.
  • The Princess must have at least 1 rank in the Pick Pocket skill.
  • In the course of the story there are many alignment shifts, mainly towards chaotic and/or evil, so alignment dependent classes should be chosen with caution. It is possible to play the module without noteworthy alignment shifts, however.
  • At the beginning of the module, the Princess should be a first level character. At the end of the introduction, the Princess is leveled up to the second level. By the end of Part One, the Princess should be at level 9-10, and by the end of Part Two level 19-20.
  • Reactions the Princess receives from NPCs can differ depending on the type of clothes she wears at the time, if any.
  • NPCs are aware of the Princess' body shape and in particular the size of her breasts, both of which are determined by her Constitution score.


  • In earlier versions NPCs didn't react differently to Constitution scores. It was automatically assumed that the Princess was quite curvy.
  • The skin color of the Princess was assumed to be very light in older versions of Part One as proven by Chella's comment "A shame to ruin her pretty white skin". This was later changed to "soft skin" instead. Vico still refers to her "pretty white throat" in the opening scene. In some Middle Ages societies, pale skin was considered a sign of beauty and nobility, since most outdoor labor was done by commoners.