A Dance with Rogues
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As the Princess escapes the Betancuria Castle after completing the Bank Raider quest the Princess is met on the road outside Betanuria by Alfons and few others. She is taken to an abandoned Inn outside Betancuria, where many of the prominent Family members have gathered to discuss what to do with the newfound information.

The completion of the quest will mark the end of Part One.


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Ruined House (Outside Betancuria), Meeting

A family meeting

After escaping from the Betancuria Castle during the Bank Raider quest and regrouping with your party, Alfons leads you to the ruined house outside Betancuria, where many of the remaining family members have gathered. Alfons informs them that Master Nathan and everyone else taken during the Dhorn raid of the Bear Pit, have been taken to the Isle of Prisoners, a feared Dhorn prison located on the Lake of Sorrow. Everyone is immediately concerned when they hear the name, as the horrors of the Isle are known throughout the land. Alfons begins to talk about forming a plan to rescue Nathan and the others, when an argument breaks out. Most feel such an attempt would be suicide, and that it would be better to just call it even and flee to Sargoza or other neighboring cities. Moving into Sargoza could prove difficult after the failed transaction between Tony Blake and the Sargozian Smugglers during the (optional) Tony the Tiger quest.

Ruined House (Outside Betancuria), Battle

A fierce battle erupts

The argument continues to heat up, especially when the family's dwindling reserves and lack of income are brought up. Cata Meynolt mentions an alternative to running away. She suggests they turn you over to the Dhorn in hopes of a large reward, upwards of 100,000 gold pieces, and a pardon. This initially confuses everyone, until Cata reveals that you are actually the Princess of Betancuria. The argument continues and eventually the group is split. Dalino, Taka, Kenny and Dara will side with Cata, and Yance, Pia, Vico, Pett, Drago and Cynn Nottian will side with you and Alfons. Once the conversation has completed, a fierce battle will begin. It's best to focus on Cata right from the start as she's a powerful sorcerer. When she's dead, work on the other named characters, then take on the various unnamed thugs last.

Tip: This can be a difficult fight due to the extremely close quarters in which it is fought. If you are using a higher difficulty, such as D&D Hardcore (not recommended), and find that Pia and Anden's Sound Burst and Entangle spells are causing problems with friendly creatures, you may want to reset the difficulty to Normal for the duration of the battle. Otherwise you can let them die or attempt to sneak out through the nearby door and then return to the fight, although this may have to be repeated more than once.

After the fight, Vico, Pia, and Anden will all speak with you. Aside from Alfons, the rest of the family members don't have much to say. When you're ready to finish things up, speak with Alfons. He'll ask you to revive the family members who sided with you and then the plan to rescue Master Nathan will begin to take shape. Anden will volunteer to help lead the party through the Black Mountains since he's so familiar with Westwood. Alfons suggests a small rescue party would be best and that he's going to try and keep the rest of the family members safe in Betancuria. As volunteers step forward, Alfons will arrange for a boat to bring you to Westwood and the conversation will end with a notice saying that this is the end of Part One.

Bug: If you don't see the end of Part One notice in v1.40, restart the dialog with Alfons (by speaking with him) and try a slightly different conversation path. Some paths are known to cause problems, see the Troubleshooting page for more information.

You can resurrect any friendly family members who have fallen in battle, take equipment from those who sided against you, as well as grab any gear you may have given to your party members during your different adventures. There's no reason to leave anything useful behind as your party will start with their usual gear in Part Two. Once you have everything you need, you must export your character so it can be imported into Part Two. If you are unfamiliar with this process, instructions are available at Continuing with Part Two. You may also want to make one final save after Alfon's conversation in case you need to make some adjustments and reexport your character later.

Note: Part One v1.50 added the Gem of Export, which will automatically carry over your character and party (and their equipment) to Part Two in the future, but it is not functional at this time. Use the manual export/import process for now.

When you're ready to continue the game, load up Part Two, import your character, and you should find yourself on the Boat to Westwood in Chapter 1.

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This article is part of a collection for the walkthrough for Part One. The previous article is Bank Raider.