A Dance with Rogues

After a few months of cleaning pots and pans in the kitchen of the Bear Pit, the Princess is asked to complete seven lessons as part of her training in The Family. They can generally be completed in any order, but lesson 7 should be left for the last. Once all seven lessons have been completed, you move on to chapter 2 of Part One.

Lesson 1

Lesson number one is about disguise, Master Nathan said. Funny, as I've been living under cover for the past months! I have to see Chella about it, he said. Well, this one shouldn't be a problem!

Lesson 2

My second lesson is about fighting. Well, I can see the reason for that. Master Nathan told me to go to the tea shop in Northern Betancuria and talk to somebody called Hatori.

Lesson 3

Lesson number three is about stealth, and I have to look for somebody called Drago, who is supposed to work in a warehouse at the harbor in South Betancuria. I wonder if I'm up to this yet... hiding and sneaking, hrm. Well, in any case, I can do the other lessons before, and maybe try this when I'm a bit more experienced.

Lesson 4

Master Nathan didn't say what lesson four is about. He just told me I need to see somebody called Joanna about it. Joanna's supposed to live in the south quarter, 17, Riverroad, on the second floor. That's supposed to be just north of the Isle of Men.

Lesson 5

Hmm. For lesson five, I have to find somebody called Yance. He's supposed to be at the market in North Betancuria, usually. Perhaps he's a trader?

Lesson 6

Lesson six will teach me how to deal with locks and traps, Master Nathan said. My teacher for this will be somebody called Alfons, who's in the sewers, of all places! I didn't even know Betancuria had sewers...

Lesson 7

Lesson seven is about setting traps. I need to speak with Innkeeper Kelten about this. He can be found at the Thousand Steps Inn in South Betancuria.