A Dance with Rogues

The Swordfish is a large tavern in Betancuria South. It is open in the evening (from 8pm to 6am). The tavern is filled with drunk and rowdy customers, and is definitely not a safe place for unescorted women. The bartender refuses to serve the Princess, saying he does not cater to prostitutes. Captain Ters can be found in a side room, dining with his fellow sailors.

Spoiler: If the Captured quest has not been completed, the first time the Princess enters the tavern she will be harassed by a number of patrons until Arto Benthur and some Dhorn soldiers intervene. Arto forbids the Princess from setting foot in the tavern again and places guards inside to keep order. After their meeting, Mando Halley will offer her the Nice Company quest. See the Troubleshooting page if the attempted molestation does not occur.


  • Due to a bug, or maybe because they are too immersed in the tavern's atmosphere of drunkenness and debauchery, the Dhorn guards put in the tavern after the first time the Princess enters it, although hostile, will not actually attack the Princess unless she attacks them first.