A Dance with Rogues
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This article contains information on a character, area, item, or quest that has changed in the latest version of Part One as of v1.50. It has not been updated to reflect the changes.

Tony Blake is a smuggler working for the crime syndicate known as The Family. He is first seen in the sewers of Betancuria, triggering the Tony the Tiger quest.


  • Tony was added to Part One in version 1.30
  • His quest, Tony the Tiger, underwent a significant overhaul in version 1.50
  • The name of his quest, Tony the Tiger, is a reference to Tony Montana from the 1983 film Scarface.
  • It is not clear whether he is any relation of Frek Blake.

Plot Significance[]

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Spoilers follow.

Later Tony can be seen talking to Master Nathan inside The Bear Pit. He approaches the Princess when she leaves, inviting her to a party at his house in Betancuria South celebrating the closing of a deal with Sargozian smugglers involving over 100,000 gold. If the Princess chooses to attend the party, he introduces her as his fiancée. He is subsequently murdered by the Sargozians.