A Dance with Rogues
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This article contains information on a character, area, item, or quest that has changed in the latest version of Part One as of v1.50. It has been updated to reflect the changes.
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This quest will be available after the Princess has completed Lesson 3 and has met Tony Blake in the sewers, too. Whenever the Princess will go to see Master Nathan in the Bear Pit once more, she will find Tony there, talking to Master Nathan. As soon as the Princess exits the Bear Pit, Tony will approach her, tellling her how much he appreciates her. In the end, he will invite her to his house in Betancuria South.


  • This quest has underwent significant changes in the 1.50 version of the Part One.
  • A remark about a bomb by a Sargozian smuggler during the party in Tony's house is a reference to the way things played out in the previous version of this quest.
  • If you're having problems getting into Tony's house, see the Troubleshooting page for assistance.


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Spoilers follow.

After you have met Tony in the sewers, you will see him once more in the Bear Pit while he's talking to Nathan. After that, Tony will approach you on the street and invite you to his house in Betancuria South. In his house, he will tell you that he thinks you are special and propose you to be his "protégé". He will offer you to live in his house and sleep in his bed and in return he will take care of you in hopes that with time you will learn to love him.

Then Tony will invite Gaston and his assistant and you will be asked to try some custom made dresses Tony wishes to buy for you. Afterwards you will dine together and go to sleep. (Note: if you play as a non human - which is explicitly not recommended - then at this point your appearance will be changed to a human form.) Tony will tell you that he is working on a big business deal with Sargozian Smugglers, and you will learn about Tony's fears that they will try to kill him. You will although witness Tony's hiring a assassin to kill his Sargozian partner, in an event of Tony's untimely demise.

Smugglers' Cove, Landing Party

The shores of the Smugglers' Cove

After few days Tony will take you to the Smugglers' Cove, a tower belonging to the Family, found on a small island on the Great River, in order to help him prepare for a transaction with Sargozians and at the same time for the Princess to gain some experience in handling missions like these. You will accompanied by Vico and Cata as well.

You will discover that the island and the tower were taken over by orcs. Help Tony, Vico and Cata to clean the tower. On the top floor you will find that Alen Kley, a Dhorn ranger who has taken refuge there. Vico goes with him out to hunt remaining orcs and dispatches him into the river. Tony asks you to go by yourself to the top floor to pick up Alen's gear. There you will be ambushed by a remaining orc, whom you will have to deal with on your own or run away and let everyone else know there's still one left and Vico will take care of it.

Tony's House, Upper Floor, Party

A party at Tony's House

After everything is set, Sargozians arrive and a transaction takes place. Then they ask to come to Betancuria to take a tour of the city and to celebrate the deal in Tony's house.

You return with Tony to Bentacuria and after some time you will participate in the party with Tony and the smugglers. During the party Tony will brag about you and the smugglers seem to be impressed.

During the night Sargozians attack you and Tony in your sleep. You both get shot with crossbow bots while sleeping. Sargozians decide to shoot some extra bolts into Tony's head to make sure he is dead, but don't take the same precaution in regards to you. You wake up with house burning, Tony's vault cleaned out and all the household dead. Get out and tell the Family what happened. Vico will try to hunt Sargozians before the manage to escape, but to no avail. During the meeting with Nathan you can ask Vico to retrieve the dresses that Gaston has made for you from the ruins and he will bring them to your apartment in the beginning of the second chapter.

Waler Brimson will later visit and remind you that he still owes you a death according tot he deal he has made with Tony. You can choose between killing various Sargozian individuals and partially avenge Tony's death, or close the deal permanently by letting everyone who has been involved live. If you do pursue the vengeful way, Brimson will deliver you the Sargozian's head by courier on your next visit to The Bear Pit.