A Dance with Rogues
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The quest is received from Paurie Wettian in the hideout (sewers). He offers the Princess a chance to go undercover as a prostitute in a top secret mission, but requires her to first train for her role and gain reputation by selling her body to at least three sailors in the harbor (Betancuria South).



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Spoilers follow.

This is an optional quest during Part One.

Paurie Wettian manages to make the top secret mission sound very important without actually telling anything about it. Must be because he's so high ranking in the hierarchy of The Family and surely is in charge of crucial missions.

Should you decide that Paurie's mission is worth the training required to go undercover, head to the harbor to find your three (or more) customers.

Picking up sailors is not difficult, in fact many of them are eager to approach you. If you start the talking, their willingness to go with you depends on your Charisma and varies depending on whether you've already "worked" on the same day.

Once the two of you are safe from prying eyes, choose a reasonable price for your precious body (a Charisma roll is made to deem success; the DC seems to vary not only depending on the price you ask but also on the john) and if you come to an agreement, have sex. Arts of Love may assist you during the experience.

There are some risks involved in this pastime:

  • You may catch a disease.
  • You may encounter a Dhorn covert agent posing as a sailor. He can be dealt with in various ways, and he possesses the only keen short sword which can be found in Part One. Vico will aid you in this situation, thus revealing that he is secretly spying on you.

You may also increase your "special skill", which can be beneficial throughout the game.

Bug: If you find yourself all alone in the dockhouse after making arrangements and trying again doesn't help, the workarounds on the Troubleshooting page should allow you to complete the quest.

The resolution[]

Selling your body (even once) concludes the optional quest Whore.

Once you report your successful training to Paurie, he reveals that there is no secret mission and he just wanted to see whether you would do what he asked. Never trust a rogue indeed. If you decide to punish the cur in a permanent fashion, there are no repercussions. Among the nifty things he carries is a Lesser Courtesan Blade. Alternatively you can tell Master Nathan about the whole deal. Nathan will get extremely pissed off and command Paurie to go sleep with some sailors himself. Paurie will disapear, but you will meet him later in the third floor of the Acadamy during Pia is Missing quest, where he will try to "fuck you with daggers". Have fun.

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This article is part of a collection for the walkthrough for Part One.