A Dance with Rogues
Underdark Rual'Thor's Home

A strange home

The Princess initiates this quest once she steps into the gates of Abandoned Mine north of Westwood. During this quest the Princess along with her companions, explore the mines and it's inhabitants, find a way into hidden City of Dwarves. In exchange for a favour done during Dragon hunter, which briefly interupts "the undergound story", the Princess is helped by the dwarves to gain access into the Underdark, traverse it and get a full taste of it's perils.


  • During this quest the Princess can initiate romance with Bran, Vico or Anden and break romance with Pia. The focal point for changes in romances with Pia, Vico and Bran will be party rest in the Dwarven Inn in City of Dwarves. Initiation of romance with Bran will also require some foundation building during whole quest.
  • If the Princess hasn't built a foundation for romance with Bran, or romanced other, after party rest in the Dwarven Inn Bran and Norah will leave.
  • If the Princess helps Bran to confront Vico in the Dwarven Inn, Vico will leave.


See Chapter 2: Abandoned Mine