A Dance with Rogues

Trissa is a kitchen girl in the Bear Pit, who, like the Princess, lost everyone during Dhorn attack, and was given shelter by Master Nathan. She resents the Princess and accuses her of being too promiscuous, although that is hypocritical considering her indiscretions behind the crates in the kitchen. Trissa is interested in Caron and fears competition from the Princess.  

Spoiler: The Princess sees Trissa again in the Dhorn city of Moonville (in Part Two), where she has been taken captive following the attack on the Bear Pit.


  • Trissa shares portrait with Shira, the Princess' chambermaid who was killed in the beginning of the module.
  • The name Trissa is a derivation of Patricia. Ironically (or perhaps appropriately?) it means "noblewoman".
  • An anagram of Trissa Patter's name is oddly enough "rape starts it".