A Dance with Rogues
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Something seems to be broken in my game. How do I fix it?[]

There are three common causes for the game behaving in an unexpected way. The first is an unintended break in a conversation, the second is incompatible overrides, and the third is game bugs.

A Dance with Rogues is a very conversation-dependent game. Not only will it keep track of which conversations have happened, but also the decisions made during those conversations. This can be used to alter the behavior of some characters, and in a few key points tell a story to other characters. Using the Escape key or acting in a hostile manner will prematurely end a conversation. Hostilities following a conversation are not uncommon, but it's important to only act if the game presents it as an option during the conversation (or if the character is made hostile after). Otherwise you could end up with a broken conversation and/or half the town coming after you. Having problems telling your story to Hovazz is an example of a broken conversation. Sometimes there are ways around broken conversations, sometimes you may need to revert to an earlier save. Each case differs.

In addition to being heavy on conversations, A Dance with Rogues is also highly scripted with a large number of triggered events. Anything that impedes or adversely affects these events could be showstoppers. It's possible for some things to appear like they could be related to a (previous) broken conversation, when an override has simply broken the interaction. Overrides are 3rd party components that change Neverwinter Nights in a variety of ways. These could be anything from visual enhancements that change hairstyles or clothing to behavioral modifications that improve AI. See Add-ons for more information. Overrides that affect AI could cause problems in battle, those that change textures could cause parts of of certain characters to be missing or entire creatures to be invisible, and certain tileset overrides could cause problems with player movement. Being attacked by invisible creatures and being unable to see the portal in the Academy are examples of visual override-based problems. In many cases, disabling the problematic override(s) will take care of the problem, in others it may be necessary to load an earlier save, and some extreme cases may require a restart. If you've encountered an undocumented (or under-documented) override problem, please add an entry for it, note the problematic files, and any instructions needed to resolve the situation. You may be able to help someone else who ends up with the same problem.

All of these scripted and conversation-based interactions increase the complexity of the game and it's important to realize that, like any complex piece of software, the game has bugs. Common and known issues will be documented on the wiki. Check entries on this page, the FAQ, related walkthrough(s), and other Community resources before assuming the worst.

Here's a few tips to keep things running smoothly:

  • Be vigilant of conversations that pop up and are closed by some other script that fires (like a battle), or your walking away from the NPC you are in conversation with.
  • Always finish your conversations and never use the Escape key in the middle of one. It is sometimes wise to make sure your companions aren't lagging too far behind you when you are walking, since conversations may not fire when you trigger it.
  • Never kill anything that doesn't appear hostile to you. Only kill those who are hostile or have become hostile after a conversation thread. Otherwise, factions may get screwed up and you might have a whole town out to get you with pitchforks and knives!
  • Watch out for debug mode. While useful, and often used to fix certain problems, having debug mode enabled can interfere with some triggers, usually those involving terrain (alleys, walkways, doors, etc). It's best to turn it off as soon as you're done using it.
  • Try to avoid using overrides unless you know what you're doing, know that the override is (believed to be) compatible, and understand the possibility of the game being broken, possibly requiring a replay from an earlier save or even a complete restart (without the override) in order to continue. If you're having problems and you know you have overrides, try reverting to the defaults. You don't necessarily have to uninstall or delete everything, just move it elsewhere.
  • Ask for help on the Part One or Part Two project pages on the Neverwinter Nights Vault, or on the Guild discussion group. Other community members may have encountered the same or similar issues and can help.

See the Getting Started page for related information.

My question isn't answered here.[]

If your question isn't answered here, you can also check out the FAQ, walkthroughs for Part One and Two, and the message boards for Part One and Two.

Part One[]

Help! I'm crashing during the chase scene at the beginning of the game.[]

Crashes during the escape from the Dhorn soldiers at the start of the game may be caused by the Shiny Water option in the Neverwinter Nights video options. If disabling that doesn't help, try turning down other video settings until you're able to make it past. Adjusting NWN's CPU affinity may help as well - See nwnplayer.ini. Other possibilities include an incompatible override and the camera zoom/angle (before the chase begins), similar to the building exit crash.

Why are commoners, sailors, or other groups hostile to me all of a sudden?[]

The module employs a faction system to track and maintain creature relationships and create a realistic environment. Acting in a hostile manner to one sailor in Betancuria South will likely turn them all against you, unless the incident occurs in an isolated area. Commoners usually become hostile if they're attacked or if you're caught attempting a pick pocket. Dhorn soldiers will usually come after you only if you're caught breaking into a house and many will usually be hostile at the end of Part One. Take care with these illicit activities, and save often.

Help! The naughty scene is done, but I'm still lost in darkness![]

This happens occasionally - the script to remove the darkness didn't fire, for whatever reason. Simply access debug mode and remove the darkness with the command "dm_runscript do_rem_darkness". Don't forget to exit debug mode when done.

The sailors don't appear in the dockhouse when I go with them to "have some fun".[]

Sailors, dock workers, and patrons in The Swordfish not appearing in the run-down dockhouse is a known issue. They'll usually show up on the next attempt, but it may never work in extremely rare cases. The script moves the sailor to the dockhouse, waits, and then moves the player. If the sailor hasn't finished transitioning by the time the player moves, they will never move. To workaround, after ending the conversation, click to move your player a short distance away. This will delay the player's area transition, allowing the sailor to finish moving. Do not do anything that would cause another script to run (bump into someone, talk to someone, interact with an object, etc...)

If you're trying to complete the Top Secret quest from Paurie Wettian, you can simulate sleeping with three sailors by using the following debug mode commands: "dm_setvarint Whored 1" and "dm_setvarint WhoreCount 3". If you've already slept with some sailors, you may need to increase the WhoreCount variable by 3. Use "dm_getvarint WhoreCount" to see the current value, then dm_setvarint to increase it. You could also try using "dm_runscript do_whorin_swordf" (three times), which should teleport you to the dockhouse (alone) and start the dialog. Report to Paurie when you're finished.

Hatori doesn't start counting down during Lesson 2.[]

Bewitched by your beauty or entranced by your ability to dodge Taka, Hatori sometimes forgets to count down making his instructions impossible to complete. The easiest solution is to let Taka beat you. Hatori will heal you and tell you to try again, and this time he should remember to count.

Hatori won't spawn the lizard or it's invisible.[]

Had an issue with the basilisk appearance not working in the GOG Diamond Edition, if anyone has this issue type "dm_runscript set_hatoritalk11"

Mando won't offer any quests (nothing happens in the Swordfish).[]

Normally when you enter the Swordfish for the first time, possibly during Jacia's Messenger quest or through exploration, the patrons will attempt to force themselves on you. This action opens up the first of Mando Halley's quests. If this does not occur, perhaps due to a bug, Mando will not offer any quests. A trigger placed in the middle of the the Swordfish should trigger the event. If you are unable to trigger it by walking across the floor, you can use the "dm_setvarint SwordfishMolest 8" debug mode command to simulate the event, then speak with Mando in the Hideout and he should offer Nice Company.

The Majordomo won't let me enter the Mayor's Mansion for Mando's quest.[]

You're only allowed to take in the red dancer's dress that Mando gave you and your "special diary" into the Mayor's Mansion, all other items must be temporarily dropped. If you've done this and are still unable to enter, entry can be simulated with the "dm_runscript do_enter_majorho" debug mode command. Be sure to disable debug mode once inside.

I died! Differently from usual![]

If it's during the third encounter of the Nightingale quest, you are supposed to. However, if the Princess wasn't at full health when meeting with the third client, the game breaks and you'll have to load your last save.

Fino isn't in his house[]

During the Nightingale quest, Fino may disappear from his home. It's unclear what causes this, but it may be related to an override, such as Tony K's AI, or perhaps due to the Princess doing other quests between the meetings with the clients or failing to return to Fino quickly enough for the third meeting.

It should be possible to spawn Fino for the various stages of the Nightingale quest by running one of the following debug mode commands: "dm_runscript do_fino_gohome_1", "dm_runscript do_fino_gohome_2", or "dm_runscript do_fino_gohome_3". 1 is for the first client, 2 the second, and 3 is the third.

See the walkthrough for other tips and additional information.

I can't see the caged dog in the Wilderness Castle in v1.40.[]

If you don't see a dog locked in the cage of the Wilderness Castle in Part One v1.40, there could be an unofficial override causing problems. Check your override directory for a tailmodel.2da file and move it out of the directory or delete it. If you don't have this file you may also try moving appearance.2da in the same way.

If the dog doesn't appear even though you've moved the file you can also attempt to spawn it from the console command: "dm_spawncreature dog003"

When encountering Gail on the road to Betancuria the conversation stops on "What do you want, Gail?"[]

This is caused if you don't have the dog (mastiff) in your party. Type the command "dm_spawncreature dog003" and talk to it once and proceed the first conversation. After that the interaction with Gail should work.

Anden's conversation in the Wilderness Castle breaks.[]

If you've made it into Anden's cell in the Wilderness Castle, but the conversation stops ("You're not a bandit."), it's probably because you've killed all of the bandits. Normally, he'd offer to join up with and escort you through the remaining Wilderness and back to Betancuria, but if you don't have or don't want to restart from a previous save, you can force him into your party with the "dm_runscript do_addnpc_anden" debug mode command.

Help! I'm being attacked by invisible creatures in v1.30![]

Part One version 1.30 is built against the Neverwinter Nights 1.69 patch and uses some of the new content. If you're being attacked by invisible snakes on Summer Islands or invisible priests in the Temple of Hyath, verify the installation or try reinstalling the patch.

I'm experiencing crashes when leaving certain temples or buildings.[]

If you're having problems with the temple in Betancuria North or the Temple of Hyath on Summer Islands, try adjusting the camera to the maximum zoom level before exiting and move away from the area.

Tony asked me to come by his house, but the servant won't let me in.[]

At some point in the game, Tony Blake may approach you outside The Bear Pit and ask for your assistance with a deal he's working on. If you knock on Tony's door and his servant replies with "Tony's not here. Go away.", you can still get into the house with the "dm_runscript do_goto_th1" debug mode command. Be sure to disable debug mode once inside. If you subsequently leave the house during the Tony the Tiger quest, you may need to use the "dm_runscript do_goto_th2" command to get back in.

Help!! I just finished the Golden Chalice quest and got captured by the Bearded Man but no guards show up in the cell?? Also the wiki says Alfons will tell me about Pia, but he didn't, and I do not have "Captured" in my journal.[]

There's no portal in the Teachers' Quarters of the Betancuria Academy.[]

If you've made it to the Teachers' Quarters of the Betancuria Academy, found the room in the north-east corner with an Iron Golem, and saw the "The portal flickers unsteadily..." message but don't see a portal, it's likely caused by an incompatible file in your override directory. Cleaning up the override directory is the recommended method, but you could also simulate portal entry with the "dm_runscript do_goto_terektow" debug mode command. Be sure to disable debug mode once through.

Note: Beginning with v1.50, the portal in the Academy has been removed in favor of another means of transport.

When I tell my story to Hovazz, the dialog stops and I'm unable to continue.[]

A broken story with Hovazz usually happens if you've interrupted or bypassed a dialog in Ravenstower Castle and attacked the Baron. You could reload and replay the castle, or run "dm_setvarint PiaBaronWay 1" in debug mode. There are five allowable values (1-5) for the PiaBaronWay variable and will vary depending on choices made inside the castle. It's best to play through the castle as intended, but setting the value manually should not impact the game long term.

I've cleared the obstruction in Hovazz cave, but he's hostile and I can't get home.[]

If you've used an Implosion Bottle to destroy the boulders in Hovazz' Lair and he is or has become hostile, you can simulate the ride home with the "dm_runscript do_goto_hovbeta" debug mode command. It's possible that you (or Pia) attacked Hovazz as you attempted to sneak through his Lair, causing him to remain hostile when he should have become friendly when you reached the boulders.

Alfons keeps repeating his dialog in the ruined house or I never see the end of game notice in v1.40.[]

If you've finished the Family meeting in the ruined house outside Betancuria and the conversation with Alfons abruptly ends or you never get the *** This is the end of part 1. *** notice, click on Alfons again and try selecting a slightly different conversation path. One or more dialog branches in v1.40 are known have a bug causing the conversation to end prematurely.

Known problematic paths include:

  • Pia: We should buy provisions such as healing potions, torches, maybe even armor and weapons before we are off. Who knows if we can find supplies on the way.
  • Princess: You're right, my sweet.
  • Pia: [She beams at me and gives me a soft kiss.]
  • Princess: [Kiss her, too]

I'm trying to use the Gem of Export but the screen goes black and nothing happens.[]

The Gem of Export is a new addition to v1.50 and is meant to automatically continue the game in Part Two, but it isn't working properly at this time. You can either change the filename of the Chapter 2 .mod from v1.23 to v1.40, or follow the instructions on Continuing with Part Two to resume your mission.

Alfons terminates conversation prematurely when telling him of the attack on the Bear Pit[]

Choosing any dialogue option after he says "You're kidding..." causes him to terminate conversation, and the quest cannot continue. Cata may be out of range of the dialogue at this point. You can try sidling behind Alfons especially with one or two henchmen, causing him to displace towards Cata. The conversation can then proceed as normal.

Part Two[]

The Dwarves have asked me to deal with a dragon, but I can't find anything.[]

The dragon is in the forest of the Black Mountains, beyond the boulders. Explosives must be used to clear the way, which can be found in the barracks outside the mine entrance or from a broken down cart east of Westwood. If you're still unable to find him, you may have missed the encounter with Screek, a kobold living on the lower levels of the mine. You should return to the mines and look for a door leading down, just before the main path that lead to your encounter with the formians.

See Chapter 2: Abandoned Mine for the complete walkthrough.

Bran was in my party when we were captured in Underdark, but there's no note in Rual'Thor's home.[]

The note documenting Bran's sale to a family in Maeralssin is only found if you were progressing with his relationship. Prior to being captured, you had to "sleep" with him in his sleeping bag and smile at him afterward. This is determined by the value of the ReadyForLove integer variable (set on Bran) and requires a value of 3 or higher.

The module makes an auto-save prior to the encounter with the first group of Drow, so you will likely have an older save game available. If you do not have an older save, you will be unable to rescue Bran. You can check the value of the variable with the "dm_getvarint ReadyForLove" debug mode command (then click on Bran). If you are unable to sleep with him or raise the value of the variable to the necessary level, you should be able to use the "dm_setvarint ReadyForLove 3" debug mode command (then click on Bran) to manually raise it. Once captured, Bran should be sent to the Rilynett Mansion and the bill of sale created in Rual'thor's bookcase.

If there is a note but Bran still is not found in the Rylinett Mansion then you can use DebugMode 1 and dm_runscript debug_goto_bran and find him in a special area then ask him to rejoin. Use dm_movetoarea ErelannasMansionUpperFloor to return to the bedroom and set DebugMode 0. Unknown why the Rilynett Mansion area tag is ErelannasMansion.

Rizzen died and I can't resurrect him.[]

It is possible to respawn Rizzen (etc: to creat brand new Rizzen instead of the dead one), but since he won't have all the data accumulated during the gameplay, it is a risky step, which consequences are not fully known. Thus it should always be preferable to restore saved game instead. If you still wish to try:

Use the following command in debug mode:

"dm_spawncreature rizzen001"

Rizzen will be respawned by your side. He will be at the same state as when you first meet him, but with the same amount of experience as you, and you can level him up again.

I can't get rid of the "Gem of Export" after manually exporting my character and continuing to part 2.[]

This can be an annoyance since the Gem of Export from part one doesnt work for the current version of part 2 (V1.23). You have to manually export your character and then choose it when starting part 2. When doing this the Gem of Export will be stuck in your inventory.

Here is how to get rid of it using console commands (this might cause issues so do this at your own risk):

1. Type dm_runscript nw_itemreset to make all non droppable items droppable.

2. You can now drop or sell the Gem of Export.

WARNING! If any more items were reported as non droppable (like the diary) you may have issues in the future of the module when all your items are removed. To remedy this for the diary do the following:

1. Drop the "broken" droppable diary.

2. Type dm_getvarint SexySkill and click your player character to get your current level printed by the server. Memorize or write this down.

3. Type dm_setvarint SexySkill X where X is one value lower than your initial value. For example if your value was 7 then type dm_setvarint SexySkill 6.

4. Type dm_runscript set_sexyskill_x where x is the memorized value, for example if it was 7 after completing part one type dm_runscript set_sexyskill_7 this will give you back the regular non-droppable diary!

I lost all of my magical bags after Rual'Thor kidnapped me. They were not in the Black Crate when I recovered my equipment.[]

This is an unfortunate bug in the script that removed your equipment. The only solution is to cheat them back in using the DebugMode console.

Type dm_spawnitem nw_it_contain003 - Lesser Magic Bag

Type dm_spawnitem nw_it_contain004 - Magic Bag

Type dm_spawnitem nw_it_contain005 - Greater Magic Bag

Type dm_spawnitem nw_it_contain006 - Bag of Holding

Help! Hyath Is not spawning in the Planes Cave after speaking to Boppi.[]

I've tried rewinding my saves all the way back to the volcano before even speaking to the old man slowly and carefully but nothing happens. No matter if I speak to Succubus Christano or not, Hyath still isn't where he's supposed to. I can roll back to another much older save, but it's aaaaaall the way back just before entering the cult site, so I would rather not to..