A Dance with Rogues

The tunnels below the Black Mountains can be reached through the Abandoned Mine. It is an unfriendly place with a number of small corridors and twisting passages. There is also a large underground waterfall.


Tunnels below the Black Mountains pins
  1. To the Abandoned Mine
  2. Boulders
  3. To Screek's lair
  4. Formian camp (and surrounding areas)
  5. Murin Rumnator's body
  6. Deeper into the Tunnels
  7. Back to the Tunnels
  8. Screek
  9. To Sziths Lair
  10. Back to the Tunnels
  11. Budo Bancend's home
  12. River (The Waterfall)


See Chapter 2: Tunnels below the Black Mountains