A Dance with Rogues

About me[]

Hello! I'm Songlian, from Eastern Europe.


"There are those who concentrate their puny efforts in areas where no concern is needed. They call love evil, the human body obscene. Where they can never be anything other than beautiful. Our rivers and lakes fill slowly, with death. The air we breathe strangles the mighty oak. Little by little we can see human compassion and love grewing less. And still there are those who wave their toy banners of protest. They attempt to think for the rest of us. Dictate our freedom of choice. Decide what is "safe" for us to read and see. They, the strong and pure of heart, must protect those of us who "they" have decided are weak. We do not question their right to protest, but let their decisions be for themselves. For no man has the right to decide for another." - Note in Simon's desk, Simon's House, upper floor