A Dance with Rogues

About me[]

Hi, I'm superlgn. I submitted the ADwR wiki creation request to Wikia, which made me the admin, but that doesn't mean I have the final say (or that I know what I'm doing).. :P You can contact me by email, Talk page, or through the Vault. If I'm not around, ChernyjDyr may be able to help.

My contributions[]

I've been mostly working on the structure of the wiki, setting up templates, and making sure the articles use those templates.

My favorite pages[]

Assorted items[]

Older versions[]

As mentioned on the FAQ, Valine would prefer older versions not be distributed as there are bugs and other issues she doesn't like, but this is not a definitive no. I believe most of the interest will likely be driven by a sincere appreciation of the series. Other possible reasons include an unwillingness or inability to upgrade to NWN 1.69, now a requirement for Part One v1.30, or maybe they just lost their favorite version in a hard drive crash. My thoughts are that these files were released to public and should remain freely available, regardless of the reason. However, in order to avoid stepping on too many toes, I have made my private archive accessible through the use of a one time download type application. Tell me what version(s) you'd like and I'll get back to you with some links, if I have it.


Since development appears to have stopped (for good?) and the Vault is apparently down or gone or being transitioned elsewhere and I'm not around much anymore, I've included the most popular requests as well as the lastest releases here.

I think each of these major releases are worth playing but I've bolded my personal favorites.