A Dance with Rogues
Vampire Tomb

Vampire in the Isle of Prisoners Tomb

Vampires are mythological creatures who continue living after death by feeding on human or animal blood. Though a highly spread and somewhat popular notion in fantasy and folklore, there are many different descriptions of such beings, ranging from highly intelligent and powerful individuals who live in populated areas, to mindless beasts who rampage lonely villages, without realizing their status. But whatever the variant, some vampiric traits are omnipresent, such as sustaining their existence through blood or having a certain vulnerability to the light of the sun, while some attribute them a sensitivity to religious items.

Vampires in A Dance With Rogues

The Princess is likely to encounter vampires of evidence of vampire presence in the following locations:

  • The run-down barracks in Betancuria North, at the current game time, is a deserted building and the Princess will notice this when she sneaks inside it during the Know Your Enemies mission. Later in the quest, as she breaches into the Dhorn Barracks, some light is shed on this matter. Two notes found in two different bookcases report that a high number of soldiers have come down with a "strange illness, as if their strength has been sucked away". The disease was spreading against their efforts to cure it, and that has caused the old barrack to be sealed off. In the current version of the game, this matter is not further developed. However, in earlier versions of the module, an underground crypt could be found beneath the barracks, in which a female vampire resided. The crypt and the female vampire have since been removed, but the notes can still be read.