A Dance with Rogues

Ventin Thensbannald is a member of Earl Delberg's court. He lives with his wife in Delberg Castle and has a small collection of pornography in his room. Ventin has some unique devices in a locked storage room in the cellars. He is a possible sexual encounter.

It is possible to increase the Princess's Arts of Love after the session with Ventin Thensbannald.

Spoiler: If the Princess examines Ventin's library, he will approach and inquire as to her level of interest in the pornographic material, then request her participation in an erotic demonstration. This will also gain Ventin's support in the Earl's meeting. Both he and Sir Rastan Haller can sway the Earl, which will open the possibility of an extended ending.


See Chapter 6: Master Ventin Thensbannald