A Dance with Rogues
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Vico is the villain that players may love to hate - or perhaps the badboy they hate to love. He can be crude, sarcastic and selfish, yet also witty, confident and charming. He is a bully, more accustomed to taking what he wants through violence or intimidation than bargaining for it. This attitude often conflicts with the ideologies of lawful or good characters, such as Anden Goodmanner or Bran. He is also xenophobic, displaying strong distaste for all non-human races on more than one occasion.

Vico's demeanor and mystery serves as magnet to women and thus he has been known in the past to conduct a large number of simultaneous affairs who were short lived. He has a strong character and doesn't care much about other people's opinions or feelings. The one commitment he makes, that seems constant, is to The Family. He protects its interests as a violent and capable enforcer, and seems to be trusted and valued by its leader Nathan Geigers.

There are rumors of Vico dabbling in demonology and dark arts, and having to sacrifice blood to a dark deity every month, but whether this is true or not remains disputed. He does show a knowledge and interest in summoning rituals and occultism that far exceeds that of a normal person, however.

Vico wears a custom armor made of leather and plate, and wields an enchanted sword named Kinslayer and a magically enhanced Courtesan Blade +2.

Henchman Data[]


  • By default, Vico's courtesan blade is placed in his right hand. Despite being ambidextrous, this may indicate that he has a preference for his left hand, or that his dagger is in fact his main weapon (Although the real reason is that the D&D system identifies Courtesan Blade+2 to be a better weapon than Kinslayer).
  • Vico is stronger than an average person, but he also relies on his Gauntlets of Ogre Power for a share of his power.
  • After the Princess has completed the Rick Cars quest, Vico may tell her about a female assassin who started feeling remorse for her deeds, and that her diary is in a bookshelf in Alfons' room in the hideout. According to the diary the woman lived some twenty to thirty years ago and had three children. It is unclear if Vico is somehow related to this woman.
  • During the Tony the Tiger quest the Princess may learn that in the past Vico had many simultaneous affairs with women, but it all changed drastically with Dhorn attack on Betancuria's castle and coincidentally with the Princess joining the Family.
  • Vico is one of the characters that can raise the Princess' Sexy Skill.


  • Vico is a derivation of the Italian/Latin name Vicelor, meaning "conquerer".
  • Vico's sword "Kinslayer" shares its name with a song by the Finnish fantasy-metal band Nightwish.

Plot Significance[]

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Spoilers follow.

The Past[]

Little is known of the details around Vico's childhood. He lost his parents at an early age, and grew up as a street urchin, learning to survive by relying on his own strength and skills. At some point The Family took interest in him and took him in under control and observation. Currently Vico acts as an enforcer of The Family, doing dirty and often deadly work for the benefit and protection of the syndicate.

In the past Vico had an intimate relationship with Pia, who was a newcomer to Betancuria at the time, but it was a short-lived affair.

Part One[]

The Princess' first encounter with Vico is during her escape from Betancuria Castle. He claims his reason for being there that night was to save a kitchen girl named Shanna, in whom he possibly had a romantic interest. Accroding to his claim, upon discovering that Shanna had been killed by the Dhorn, in addition to seeing the destruction they had brought on his home city, he became blinded by anger and grief and began making his way to the upper floors to find and kill the man he considered responsible for bringing the invasion upon the city: the King of Betancuria.

He would soon discover that the heads of the King and Queen had already been mounted on the castle walls, and it was while making his way back down that he happened to stumble upon the Princess, chased by multiple Dhorn soldiers.

Knocking her out, he rescued her from the Dhorn and brought her to an abandoned storage room, only to rip her dress off and force himself upon her. Afterwards he took her with him to The Bear Pit where he presented her to Nathan Geigers, who decided to offer her shelter and protection for the time being.

Vico takes an active part in persuading Nathan to let the Princess stay, suggesting she might be of value should a foreign noble show interest in marrying her to claim the throne, or to fetch a ransom from her relatives. His suggestions are ultimately needless, however, as Nathan makes up his mind on his own.

After the events at the castle, Vico returns to The Family's hideout in the sewers where he is assigned to different kinds of bloody tasks and missions for The Family. If the Princess visits him in the hideout, he will present her with the Rick Cars quest. Later he and the Princess will work together in the Uncover the Dhorn Spies quest.

If the Princess will accept Tony's quest, Vico and Cata will accompany them on their trip towards the Smugglers' Cove, where Tony will make a deal with some Sargozians. On the entire length of the quest, Vico, Tony and Cata will engage in humorous banter, with the first ones taking the Princess' side whenever her name is mentioned. From the dialogue it also results that Vico had many affairs in the past, but they all stopped when the Princess joined the Family. Once the deal with the Sargozians is completed, Vico will take the Princess back into city, per Tony's request. After the smuggler's tragic demise, Vico will retrieve the Princess' dresses from the ruins of Tony's house and deposit them in her apartment.

Towards the end of Part One, Vico is assigned to the Princess' party for her last mission by Alfons and later he will side with her during the Family's meeting in the ruined house outside Betancuria. He is part of the rescue team headed for the Isle of Prisoners regardless of the Princess' opinion on this decision.

Part Two[]

Vico begins Part Two aboard the boat to Westwood. The Princess can initiate a conversation with him and confront him regarding his assault on her. Later, after awakening from a bout of food poisoning, the Princess discovers that Vico has been responsible for the arrest of her fellow companions, and she must rescue them all. During their trip to and through the mines on the party's way to the Isle of Prisoners, Vico begins to show his interest in the Princess, which culminates at the Dwarven Inn. The princess here has a unique oportunity to hear an explanation on Vico's motives to do what he did to her, what happened before they first met and how his thoughts toward the princess developed on his mind since then. This event's outcome can be: the beginning of a relationship with Vico, Vico leaving the party for good, or even things continuing as before. Depending on what path you choose, only two different fates may await her and Vico.

The Romance[]

The Princess can initiate a romance with Vico or permanently dispel it in Part Two during Chapter 2. There are three main ways in which these events can be played. For all these paths, the decisive point is the Dwarven Inn.

  • If the Princess is not interested in a relationship with Vico and possibly has an eye for Bran or is already in a relationship with Pia, she should have avoided all of Vico's advances, starting with his rescue from the Westwood jail, continuing with the Westwood Farmland, throughout the Black Mountains and into the Abandoned Mine. That making clear enough she wants nothing to do with him, during their rest at the Dwarven Inn, he will express his discontent with her ways of leading the party and his desire to go on separate ways. In case Bran is beginning to fall for her, he will follow them upstairs and will side with the Princess against Vico.
  • If the Princess is not rejecting Vico's advances directly, but it is not favoring them either, thus keeping a more neutral stance in regards to him, he will be unsure of her intentions. During their stay at the Dwarven Inn, he will take her upstairs in the special suite, but will not admit to his true desires towards her. Using her Arts of Love skills, she can make a teasing show and persuade him to reveal his true intentions. After which she can refuse him, thus ending any possibility of romance or accept his plea and subsequently start the relationship. Depending on the tone of the conversation and the Princess level of relationship with Bran, he could follow them upstairs and side with the Princess against Vico, should that be necessary or remain below if the Princess accepts Vico or is careful not to reject him too harshly so he will remain in the party.
  • If the Princess has encouraged and responded to Vico's advances so far, like offering herself to him on the Boat to Westwood or expressing concern after delivering him from the Dhorn prison, when reaching the Dwarven Inn he will take the initiative as soon as they are alone. Even in this case, if the Princess does not wish to have sex with Vico, she can still find a way out of it, much to his distress. But if she accepts, it will result in a long and sleepless night, which will constitute the beginning (and the base) of their relationship.

Vico's romance is unique in that it can be started even if the Princess is already in a relationship with someone else - Pia in this case- while other romances will start only if the Princess is single. Pia will be heartbroken if the Princess cheats on her with Vico and will break up their relationship. Interestingly, it will be Vico who comforts a crying Pia (if the Princess refuse to apologize), stating that he believes love is the cruelest thing the gods invented.

Note: If you have active romance with Pia, and Vico is determined to leave you after you go upstairs in the Inn, but you want to start a romance with him instead, you can cheat this. Press ESC, cancelling your dialogue with him (only when you get upstairs!) and use "dm_setvarint Relationship 1" command — click on him. Then, when you go downstairs, Pia will think you slept with him, break with you and romance with Vico will start.

After the events at the Dwarven Inn[]

If Vico is still in the party after the Princess leaves the Dwarvenn Inn, he will accompany her until they are captured by the Drow. Following their capture, she will be separated from him and they will meet each other again in the Maeralssin Pit, only as adversaries this time. Whether she romances him or not makes little difference in the outcome of that meeting, but the main character will stand at a crossroads after their duel and her subsequent actions will serve to either save or terminate his life.

If, after this encounter, Vico still lives, they will meet again in the Northern part of the Underdark Tunnels and he will attempt to rejoin the party. The Princess can welcome him, reject him or fight him, as she sees fit. If she welcomes him, their romance will continue as before.

Note: A Princess who does not forget to inquire about his whereabouts during their separation, will be in for a a few not so surprising surprises.

Playing the romance with Vico, the Princess will be facing the possibility of a pregnancy and the impossibility of a marriage, both near Moonville. As they will get separated quite a few times during their adventures, the Princess will have several opportunities to either stay faithful to him or engage in several affairs, according to her personal morals. They will be traveling together until she will be forced to split from her entire party during the events concerning the Old Man into the Volcano. If the Princess has killed him previously, he will return for his vengeance as she crosses the Planes by herself.

If the Princess is still romancing Vico towards the end of the game, her final choice will also include him and the future of their relationship.


  • If romanced:
    • "I want you to be always like that. Content, happy, naughty... I won't give you up"
    • "I'll care for you. I won't let my little girl ever come to harm"