A Dance with Rogues

Near the Westwood Castle in the town of Westwood can be found an abandoned tower called the Greytower. It is locked and it's ground floor is infested with giant spiders and the doors and hallways are covered with webs. The basement appears to have been a battle training area, although it is now only littered with broken furniture and corpses. A ladder leads to the upper floor which is haunted by the ghosts of Sir Perrent Westwood, his betrothed Korina Fearshallin, and his father, Baron Holando Westwood.

The ghosts continually repeat the same gruesome scene. Korina tells Perrent how Baron Holando showed her maps of the area and Sir Perrent Westwood accuses her of adultery with his father, claiming that this is what his sword tells him. Then he murders both of them. This is where the The Greytower quest begins and ends.


  • In previous version of the story, Greytower was not a separate building but a tower in the Westwood Castle. In one of the Castle rooms could be found a book, telling about a tragedy of Westwood family. It told how Sir Perrent Westwood took an evil magical sword from a defeated monster, which made Sir Perrent mad, and made him kill his bethroad and his father, whose ghost couldn't find rest and haunted the castle ever since. In version 1.22 there is a book in the library, on the upper floor of the castle which explains the current story.