A Dance with Rogues
11 February 2021 - There is a new version of part 1 on the Neverwinter Vault. [1][]

A Dance with Rogues Part 1 2.0 (EE Compatible) | The Neverwinter Vault

07 July 2014 - The NWN2 Vault is gone[]
It appears IGN was no longer interested in hosting the NWN2 Vault anymore as it's been taken down. Head over to the new vault for project pages and downloads:
16 October 2010 - Part One v1.50, Part Two v1.23, and ACAG 106 released[]
Valine has released Part One v1.50 and Part Two v1.23, as well as ACAG 106! The updated ACAG is required for both versions. The update for Part Two is just for the new ACAG, but it sounds like Part One has some more interesting changes. Here's the announcement:
I'm still working on an update for part two in order to bring it into line with the changes I've made with part one (Simon's and Arto's roles, for example). However, as I'm still tossing around and discarding ideas, it's probably going to be a while before I'll be able to uplaoad that update to the vault. I'm sorry that things are going kind of slow there, but I'm not yet happy with the changes done so far, and I don't want to publish versions I'm not happy with.
In the meantime I've got a (smallish) update for part one. The changes I've made here kind of reflect the general direction I'm trying to go with the update for part two (see the new and hopefully improved "Tony the Tiger"- und "Missing Pia"-quests).
There's also a new version of the hakpack (ACAG106) that's going to be required to play the latest versions of the modules.
Download: Part One, Part Two, ACAG
18 April 2010 - Part One Walkthrough updated for v1.40[]
It took a while, but the Part One walkthrough should be mostly up to date for v1.40, with much of the work happening in Welcome Home and Bank Raider to cover the new additions to the game. The wiki also turned 1 year old last month!
21 October 2009 - Part One v1.40 released[]
Valine has released Part One v1.40! Head over to the Part One project page on the Vault and grab it now. Here's the announcement:
I have uploaded an updated version of part one (V1.40). It uses the current version of the hak pack (ACAG105).
There are a couple of really big changes in the update, and although we've tried to test things thoroughly, it's always possible that the module won't behave like it's supposed to. If you encounter problems, please post them here.
And, as always, I hope you'll have fun playing this.
15 September 2009 - Updates coming?[]
Thirdpres gives word (through the Vault) that Valine has been working hard on an update for Part One and has some ideas for Two:
Valine's finally given me the word that an update, for part 1, is on the way. I thinking it'll hit the NWNVault in about four to five weeks. There are some new quests, changes to old quests (including a pretty big change to a major quest), some changes to the city itself, some new conversations and a surprise or two.
As for why an update for part 1 before a new, major update for part 2? Valine had some ideas for a big update for part 2 this last Christmas but real life got in her way. She's been very busy and she lost focus on what she'd been planning for part 2's update. Now that she has taken some time to work on the modules again she found her interest more so back on part 1. She also have some competing ideas for an update for part 2. She needs to figure out just what it is she'll be doing for part 2 before anything else.
2 June 2009 - A milestone for the wiki[]
In just two and a half months time, we've managed to get over 500 articles up. I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who has contributed, with special notice to Hobbit of the shire & The Smiling Knight, who have each managed more than 100 contributions, Lazuri (wherever you are) & Moirah, with over 600, and a special thanks to ChernyjDyr, who has been working tirelessly since the wiki went up in March and is nearing a whopping 1100 edits. Of course, there's always more to document, detail, and expand upon, but this is well more than I had hoped for.
If you'd like to help, there are currently close to 200 wanted pages, some short pages that could use expanding, as well as a number of dead-end pages that don't link anywhere else. We've written up some contribution guidelines to keep things orderly. Found an article heavy on text? Upload an image to spruce it up! We can always use images for area, character, and item pages, galleries that have already been created and others that could be. Found a generic reference to a unique item? Make a link to the actual item name. No matter the type and size of the contribution, everything is appreciated and it all helps.
--Superlgn 18:53, 2 June 2009 (UTC)
30 May 2009 - Part Two Walkthrough *update*[]
The Isle of Prisoners section of the walkthrough for Part Two has been updated for v1.22.
2 May 2009 - Aftermath[]
DarkWyldchilde posted a new fanfic called Aftermath.
27 April 2009 - Part Two Walkthrough[]
We finally have a mostly up to date walkthrough for Part Two. The only remaining area that still needs attention is the Isle of Prisoners in Chapter 5. If you're planning to make a run through and feel like helping, take some notes as you go. Detailed information on the stairs connecting the various levels as you progress so they can be documented using the numbered map pins would be particularly helpful.
19 April 2009 - Part One Walkthrough[]
The walkthrough for Part One has been updated for v1.30.
7 April 2009 - Nightingale[]
Some of the new quests in Part One v1.30 have been documented in Nightingale and Tony the Tiger.
20 December 2008 - ACAG 105[]
Features some new dresses and other garments.
20 December 2008 - Part One v1.30[]
A major update with some new characters and maps, requires NWN 1.69 and ACAG 105.
Get it while it's hot!
20 December 2008 - Part Two v1.22[]
A minor update for ACAG 105.