A Dance with Rogues

The Wilderness surrounds the northern road from Betancuria to Sargoza. It is mostly covered by forest, which is home to wild animals like bears and wolves. Also bandits and goblinoid tribes can be encountered in the area. It is patrolled by rangers of the Betancuria Ranger Guild located in Betancuria South.

The Wilderness is crossed by the Great River, which also runs through Betancuria. In the Wilderness are located the Wilderness Castle and an old druidic Barrow.

The Princess is brought to the Wilderness during Lesson 7 by Frank Kelten.


  • Wilderness areas underwent heavy changes in 1.30 version. Previously there were no Wilderness Castle or Barrow, and the Princess could meet a farmer living in the woods, rest in his house and trade with him. The farmer also offered the Princess to come live in the Wilderness.


Wilderness (Castle) pins
  1. Road
  2. Castle Gate
  3. Towerhouse
  4. Tower
  5. Road North
  6. Wilderness (to Barrows)